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2015.6.10 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - Budget Update

2011.4.20 Board of Trustee Study Session - Accreditation Training

2014.7.31 Board of Trustee Study Session - Self Evaluation

2014.8.13 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - VPI Presentation

2014.12.10 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - Student Equity Plan

2014.9.10 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - I.T. Reorganization

2015.3.11 Board of Trustee Agenda - Curriculum Report

2015.6.10 Board of Trustee Minutes - Approval of Budget

2015.8.10 Board of Trustee Agenda - Study Session

2015.9.9 Board of Trustee Agenda - Closed Session - Legal Matters

2015.9.9 Board of Trustee Study Session - Self Evaluation

2015.11.12 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - Scorecard Presentation

2016.2.10 Board of Trustee Agenda - Board Policy - 1st Reading

2016.3.9 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - Presentation - Promoting Student Success

2016.3.9 Board of Trustee Agenda - Board Policy - 2nd Reading

2016.4.12 Board of Trustee Agenda - Accreditation Update

2016.5.11 Board of Trustee Agenda - Accreditation Update

2016.5.11 Board of Trustee Agenda - Closed Session - Legal Matters

2016.5.16  Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - Presentation Science Program

2016.6.9 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - YCCD Five Year Plan

2016.8.10 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - Code of Ethics Violation

2016.9.14 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - Accreditation Update

2016.10.24 Board Study Session - Self Evaluation

2016.11.9 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - Chancellor Update

2016.11.9 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - Scorecard

2016.12.14 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - Closed Session - Legal Matters

2016.12.14 Board of Trustee Agenda - Curriculum Report

2017.1.18 Board of Trustee Study Session - Session Topics

2017.2.8 Board of Trustee Agenda and Minutes - VPI Presentation

2017.2.15 Board of Trustee Study Session Agenda and Minutes - Re Budget

2017.2.15 Board of Trustee Study Session - Topics

ACCJC Ltr 2012 - CC on Warning

ACCJC Ltr 2012 MJC on Probation

ACCJC Ltr 2014 Remove MJC Probation Status

ACCJC Ltr 2014 Remove CC Warning Status

Board Study Session Conference

Columbia College In-Service Day Agendas

CC/MJC Joint Meeting Agenda

Evaluation Timeline for College President

2015.5.13 Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes - Financial Quarterly Report

Policy and Procedure - Constituent Review

Policy and Procedure - Continuous Review Cycle

Program Review and Assessment Example - Public Affairs

2016.10.12 Board of Trustees Meeting - Special Priorities 2016-17

2014.10.8 Board of Trustees Meeting - Special Priorities 2014-15

2015.7.8 Board of Trustees Meeting - Special Priorities 2015-16

Timeline for Board Agenda Items

Title 5 - 53000

YCCD Functional Map

President's Campus Update - January 2017

VPCAS Newsletter - February 2017

VPSS Newsletter - March 2017

VPI Campus Update - September 2016

2016.2.10 BOT Agenda and Minutes BP 1st and 2nd Reading

2016.8.10 BOT Agenda and Minutes BP 1st and 2nd Reading

2017.1.13 YCCD Board Connection

2016.12.16 YCCD Board Connection

2014.8.21 In-Service Day Agenda

2016.1.7 Spring In-Service Day Agenda

2017.1.5 Spring In-Service Day Agenda

Professional Growth Example - Dean of Arts & Sciences

Professional Growth Example - Interim Exec. Secretary

Professional Growth Example - Interim Director of Student Access & Retention

2014.12.18 Training Basics of Enrollment Management

2017.3.31 PRT Agenda

ACCJC Annual Report  2017 Columbia College

ACCJC Annual Fiscal Report 2017 (reporting year 2015-16)

ACCJC Annual Fiscal Report 2016 (reporting year 2014-15)

Columbia College Substantive Change Proposal Distance Education March 2017

ACCJC Annual Fiscal Report 2015 (reporting year 2013-14)

Director of College Research and Planning - Job Description

Vice President of Student Services - Job Description

Vice President of College and Administrative Services - Job Description

Vice President of Instruction - Job Description

Columbia College Budget Development Process 2016-17

Marketing Efforts 2016-17

Emails re Serving on an Accreditation External Site Visit

Roster re ACCJC Accreditation Basics online training

2016.4.13 BOT Agenda and Minutes - Legal Matters/Property Negotiation

2016.10.24 BOT Self Evaluation Discussion

2016.5.11 BOT Agenda Minutes - Labor Negotiators

2015.9.9 Board Study Session - YCCD Budget

2013.2.28 BOT Special Meeting

2012-2013 YCCD BOT Special Priority Trainings

2013-2014 YCCD BOT Other Trainings

2014-2015 YCCD BOT Retreats

2015-2016 YCCD BOT Retreats and Trainings

2015-2016 BOT Self Evaluation Tool

Chancellor Brochure 2017

New BOT Conflict of Interest Training Feb 2017

Conflict of Interest Presentation Feb 2017

New BOT Training Jan/Feb 2017

Participant List Leadership Academy II 2015-2016

Participant List Leadership Academy 2014-2015

President Job Description Columbia College

2013 April DC Agenda YCCD Mission

2013 DC Agenda YCCD Visioning Meeting

2014 DC Minutes YCCD Vision Planning

2015 DC Minutes Core Values

2016 DC Minutes YCCD Strategic Plan

2016 March DC Minutes YCCD Strategic Plan

Notice regarding Third Party Comment for Accreditation

2017.5.3 PRT Visit #2

2017.5.25 IEPI Plan

EEO_G Leguia Memo

Online Training_K Pritchard Memo

VPI Forum Invite

VPCAS Reopen Announcement

Staff Evaluation Report

Adjunct Evaluation Report

Classified Performance Plan

Faculty Evaluation Timeline

LTAC Performance Eval Process 2015

Resource Allocation Model

Faculty Hiring Process

Adjunct In-Service Agenda Fall 2016

Adjunct In-Service Agenda Spring 2017

Job Description Physics

Job Description VPI

Job Description Dean, A&S

Job Description Athletic Trainer/Science Faculty

CCCCO Minimum Qualifications Handbook

2015.10.9 FHP Minutes

2015.10.23 FHP Minutes

2016.2.22 FHP Minutes

CSEA Art19 Classification Review

Classification Review Form 2016

Classification Review Cklist 2016

Disney Institute 2016.08.04 Recap

Disney Institute 2016.08.05 Recap

Foreign Degree Evaluation

Contracts and Handbooks

Job Descriptions

Salary Schedules

YFA/District Contract 7/01/15-6/30/16

BP 3410

BP 3420

BP 3430

BP 7100

BP 7120

New Employee Orientation Schedule 2017

Flex Obligation Report

2017SP Spring In-service Agenda

IT Access Request

YFA Article 9-Sabbatical Leave

360 Instrument

2012.6.13 BOT Minutes - CC Facilities Master Plan

2015.12.9 BOT Agenda and Minutes Trustee Conflict of Interest

2017.1.11 BOT Minutes Trustee Conflict of Interest

2017.2.8 BOT Agenda and Minutes CC Strategic Plan

Announcement of Board Meetings

Board Connections

2016.6.8 YCCD Chancellor Search Announcement

Distance ed plan 2012

Tech plan 2011

IER 2015-16  (page numbering on document is off?)

FMP 2012

Core values

Annual Safety report 2016

Annual Safety report 2015

 Space inventory report 2016-17 (report 17 certifications)

Safety work order

YCCD five year plan 2016-2021

Calaveras Outreach Site

CBOC/Kitchell budget schedule March 2017 (last 2 pages)

Strategic Plan 2016-2021


Baker Station 2017 classes

Measure E

Boiler Water Treatment Contract

CC Laurel Child Dev Cntr LEED

CC Sugar Pine LEED

Fire Sprinkler Test Dates Nov 2016

Hazardous Waste Manifest Report 2016

Five Yr Capital Outlay Plan - CC

CC Child Care Inspection Report

CC Five Yr Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Baker Station Permit 2016

Baker Station Operating Plan 2016

Baker Station Spec Use Permit 2016

Facilities Operations Staffing

Facilities CC Assessment

Technology Inventory 2017.01.31

BP6200 Budget Planning

CA Education Code Sec 87031

CA Education Code Sec 87350

CA Labor Code Section 1198.5

VIPJPA Certificate Accreditation

Budget Summary Breakdown

2016sp Faculty Banking Summary

YCCD Audited Financial Stms 2011.6.30

Pension Rate Stabilization Trust transfer

VIPJPA Annual Financial Report June 30, 2016

VPCAS Newsletters 2017

2017-18 Central Services Target Budget by unit

Classrooms on campus

Child Development Advisory Committee Minutes Fall 2016

2011.01 GE Reviewers Guiding Notes

2014.04.09 BOT Minutes Example of Closed Session Discussion of Legal Matters and Report Out

2014.04.09 BOT Minutes Public Comment Example

2015.05.13 BOT Agenda Item Quarterly Fiscal Condition

2016.10.07 Auto Minutes

2017.01.11 BOT Agenda request for more Board Study Sessions

2017.01.13 MJC  and Columbia Cross College Initiatives Meeting in Oakdale

2017.01.25 DC Minutes

2017.03.22 DC Minutes

CC FA16 Business Administration Advisory Minutes

Board Agenda Constituency Reports Standing agenda item examples

Board Minutes Evaluation of Chancellor

Board Study Session Enrollment Management

College and Admin Program Review

California’s Master Plan

District map

California Community College Map

CTE Division Website

Program of Study Website

Columbia College Strategic plan

Chancellor’s Office Scorecard

Columbia College Mission Statement

Distance education Plan

Veteran services

Foster youth services

Curriculum Handbook

Columbia College Accreditation website

College’s Institutional Effectiveness report

BIO PR Face Page Evidence Mission in mind top

Minutes College Council 11-18-2016

Minutes College Council April 22-2016

Five Year Plan 2016-2021

YCCD Technology Plan

Facilities Master Plan

Campus Master Plan

Score Card: Board Presentation

Award Requirements Catalog 2017/2018 p. 71

Budget Development Process 2016/2017

Budget Development Process 2017/2018

Title III Grant

GE Patterns Catalog 2017/2018

Minutes College Council 12-4-2015

SSSP Approved Plan Columbia 2015

Columbia College Student Equity Plan 2015/2016

SSEAC Minutes 9.16.2016

Governance Structure Final Approved Version 4-21-2017

2016.8.16 CC/MJC Joint Meeting Agenda

Board Connection - samples

Budget Information by EVC Scott

District Technology Advisory Committee Meetings

Human Resources Processes Procedures Training

Human Resources Training Sessions

2015.06.04 Board Agenda: Developing Chancellor Evaluation Instrument

2015.06.10 Board of Trustees Agenda

2015/2016 CCCCO Student Enrollment Status Summary Report

2016.1.26 District Council Agenda

2016.01.26 District Council Minutes

2016.03.28 Enrollment Management Minutes

2016.05.11 Board of Trustees Minutes: Chancellor Update

2016.06.08 Board of trustees Minutes: YCCD Strategic Plan

2016/2017 General Education Planning Sheets

2016/2017 IELM Allocation Admin Team Recommendation to College Council 2016.11.18

2017.02.08 Board of Trustees meeting: Grant Activity

2017 CSP Fill Rates per section indicated by color

Arts and Sciences Division Fall 2017 Schedule Analysis

AS-T in Public Health Collaborative Program with MJC

Community Education SLOs

DSPS Overview

Email 2016-17 Fund 11 Salary Fringe Budget

Email Announcement Institutional Effectiveness Surveys for Students and Staff Posted

Email Enrollment Update 2016.10.14

Email Enrollment Update 2017.01.06

Email to Faculty Policies and Procedures Review

2016.01.22 College Council Minutes

Associate Degree Activity Requirement page 59

Student Services Assessment-All service area program reviews

SLO Outcomes

2015.12.04 College Council Minutes

2017.03.15 SLO Workgroup Minutes

SLO Workgroup Minutes

Course and Program SLO Assessment Cycle

SLO Day Summary

Faculty Course Syllabi

2017-18 Catalog     page 37

2017-18 Catalog     page 206

2017-18 Catalog     page 177

Prerequisite Challenge form

On Ramp

AWE Newsletter

YCCD Board Policy 4020

Evidence of EEO Training Sessions at Columbia College G.Leguria Calendar

Faculty Accreditation Co-Chair Job Description

Fall 2016 Number of Sections

Governance Structure Final Approved Version

IGETC Standards version 1.5 Final

Institution set Standards Charts 10 years

Instructional Program Review biology

Instructional Program Review psychology

MATH 650 Welcome Letter and Syllabus Spring 2017

Math and English Progression Charts

PCAH 6th edition 2016.04.07

Policy and Procedures Committee Leadership Team Constituency Review

SLO Day Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Instructional Cost Analysis Report District Revenue

Spring 2017 Instructional Productivity Report by Department

Synchronized Program Review and SLO Assessment Cycle Assignments

T5 S51022

T5 S51023.5

T5 S51023.7

T5 S53000

T5 S53203

T5 S55002.5

T5 S55002

T5 S55025

T5 S55061

T5 S55063

Tutoring Math

YCCD Annual FTES Targets 2014-2017

YCCD Press Release 17.03 Henry Chiong Vui Yong Selected as YCCD Chancellor

Columbia College Budget Development Process for 2017/2018

Columbia College Employees who completed Accreditation Basics Training as of 2017.05.11

Columbia College Enrollment Trends

Committee Handbook Draft Revision 2

Course SLOs to upload to CurricUNET for Columbia College

Director of Development CC

DRAFT MOA Faculty Accreditation Co-Chair

Draft MOA for SLO Mentors

DRAFT MOA SLO Coordinator

College and Career Access Pathways Agreements

2016.08.10 Board Minutes - Example of Board Accountability to its Code of Ethics

3.28.16 Enrollment Management Minutes

2016.03.28 HPMGT Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

2016.10.07 CC HPMGT Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

2017.05.09 DP TCACSA

ACFEF extension for Columbia College 135832

Adjunct In-Service sign_in_sheet_FA16

Adjunct In-ServiceSP17_sign_in_sheet

Article 6


Flex_Day_Agend_ FA16



In-Service Sign-In Shet 1.5.17

In-Service_8.25.16_sign_in sheet



Tutoring math

Enrollment Managment Minutes 10.14.16

District Council Minutes 04.22.2016

College Mission in page 6 of the College Catalog 2017/2018

Classified Hiring Prioritization List 2016

College Council Minutes 01.20/2017

CSLO Assessment

Curriculum Review Process
Course Numbering p. 146
2017-18 Catalog page 43

Course Descriptions p. 145
2017-18 Catalog page 70
Classified Senate Minutes
2017-18 Catalog page 60-63
2017-18 Catalog page 71
CAI Grant-Hospitality
CAI Grant- Auto and Child Dev

Fall 2016 tutoring
Spring 2016 tutoring
Title III Grant Overview to CC
1st Yr Experience

Colege Council Minutes 03.17.17

Advisory Committee Minutes - Automotive Technology
Advisory Committee Minutes - Business Administration
Advisory Committee Minutes - Child Development
Advisory Committee Minutes - Hospitality Management

email-Announcement of Online EEO Training
Hospitality Program ACF accreditation

Definition of a Program

Research Briefs

SLO Minutes
SE plans

YFA Contract 2016


2016 PR-SLO Cycle

2013 Planning Cycle

IER 2014
IEPI 2016

YCCD Central Services Budget Breakdown - Showing Expenditures by Site
Baker Station Permit_2016 Operating Plan
Board Agenda - Receive reopeners
Board Minutes - Reorganization of Columbia College Counseling and SSSP
Board Minutes - Reorganization of Columbia College Special Programs (DSPS, EOPS,CARE)
Classified Staff Hiring Prioritization Score Sheet-totals
Email - Attendance at Job Fairs
Email Announcement - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Multiple Measures Placement Determination Form
Program Review - Computer Science Department
Program Review - Distance Education and Instructional Technology Center
SLO Mentor Assignments 2016-17
Spring 2017 Section Enrollment Capacity Detail Report
YCCD 2017 Faculty Negotiations Reopener
YFA 2017 Faculty Negotiations Reopener
YFA Contract - Appendix C-2 Faculty Code of Ethics
IER 2015
IER 2014
Strategic Plan 2016-2020
College Council 2/24/2017
College Council 10/21/2016
College Council 9/13/2016
College Council 2/6/2015
College Council 2014
College Council 2013
eNewsletter site
Catalog pp.74-144
Prog/ISLO Assessment
Interactive CSLO Calendar

College Council Minutes 2.17.2017

New Governance Structure

Proposed New Committee Structure

Email Announcement - Big Band Jazz Festival
Email Announcement - Spring Review
email-Classified Senate Prioritization Recommendations
email-Verification of Twain Harte ADA restroom remodel
Employee Profiles 2010 to 2016
Faculty Recruitment Announcement Example - Certified Athletic Trainer and
Juniper Building Remodel Floor Plan
List of Trainings Provided or Supported by Human Resources

IEPI 2015 (2017 in June)

Interactive Program Review- 5 year Calendar

Example CSLO-ISLO Map

IELM Emailed March 17

 Survey Site

IES-Staff 2017
IES-Student 2017
Community Survey
CCSSE 2015
College Goal IE Follow-up Report
Student Access & Success
Example Minutes

4/25/17 PRT Feedback
PRT Menu of Options
Columbia College IEPI Plan
Campus Safety Site

Example Safety Report 2016

Cal Fire Accredited Training List

2016 Fall Flex Agenda
2017 Spring Flex Agenda

IELM Spreadsheet
Disney Training
Student Support (Re)defined

Website Changes

Strategic Plan 2021
College Council 4-22-2016
Board of Trustees 2-8-2017

College Council Agenda 1.20.2017
Minutes College Council 1.17.2017
CC Minutes 4/21/17
CC Agenda  4/22/17

Enrollment Mgmt
SLO Workgroup
Curriculum Committee

Chart-PR, SLO Cycle

2017.02.17 Integrated Plan for Student Success

2017 Template Chancellor's Cabinet Agenda

APPA Operational Guidelines for educational Facilities

College Council Agenda Approval to Send to ISER to BOT

Columbia College Media Preferences Survey Results with Interpretations

Columbia Employees Served on Teams

Email Accreditation Update Institutional Self Evaluation Report Public Version

Email Accreditation Update Release of Version 1 of ISER

Email Administrative Services Newsletter April 2017

Email Changes in ITS Including Shorter Time Out

Email Colleague Database Migration Timeline Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Email Mandatory Datatel Training for Division Staff

Email MIS Code Correction

Fall 2015 Productivity Report

Fall 2016 Productivity Report

YCCD Internal Audits of cash on Hand

YFA Contract Article 10 Banking Leaves for YCCD Faculty


YCCD Classroom Technology Standard Specifications
Columbia College Facilities Work Orders - Example Summary
Columbia College Technology Inventory and Replacement Cycles
YFA Appendix C-5h-Student Survey
California Student Housing (Dorms) - Lease Agreement
Dorm Advisory Committee Minutes
Title III Grant Abstract
Student Success Council - Early Draft of Council Charge
Meta-Major Enrollment Counts
Effects of Success and Persistence Rates on Sequential Enrollments
Fall 2016 Embedded Tutoring Summary.pdf
Fall 2016 Stamp Survey Summary.pdf
AAC - End of Semester CRLA Tutor Training Awards Presentation
College Council Minutes - Discussion of Institution-Set Standards
CSLO-PSLO Maps - Several Examples
College Futures Planning Grant Award Letter
Innovations Grant Submission
Press Release - Columbia College Foundation Plans Promise Scholarship Opportunity
Press Release - Columbia College Spring 2017 President's List
Press Release - Columbia College Graduates 34 Fire Academy Students
Columbia College - Flex Calendar Submission 2016-17
Student Support (Re)defined - Six Success Factors Poster
Webpage Improvement Project Scope - Columbia 2017
Email - Seeking Edits for First Draft of 2017-18 Catalog
Distance Education Addendum - English 1C
Distance Education Addendum - BIOL 50
College Council Minutes - Discussion of Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs)
Community Education Schedule (Fall 2016)
Community Education Schedule (Spring 2017)
Community Education - Example Program - Retirement Planning
Community Education - Example Program - Wine Appreciation
Community Education - SLO Assessment Instrument
Great Teacher Retreat Schedule 2016 Faculty Retreat Agenda 2013

Email Notice to Campus Community regarding Third Party Comments for Accreditation


10.30.15 AS Minutes Full_SLOs_on_Syllabi

10.30.15 AS Minutes Full-revised AA.AS Req

2016.10.28 ASFULL_Unapproved MN1_approval_of_four_year_cycle






CS_Approved minutes12.9.16_(1)_Approval_of_Def_of_Program



Ed Code_78016















Level_1 CRLA_Cert_Record_by_TUTOR













Press_Release _Education_in_Action _Fire_Academy_Accreditation_2015






Special_Programs_Workshops_Fall 2016_FINAL








Minutes College Council 11.18.2016_IELM_Approval

2013_CVC_PROGRAM_REVIEW_Title Page_1




Approved_Assessment_Instruments_March 2015_updated_5.12.15













Program Review - DSPS









 Accuplacer Consequential Validity and Disproportionate Impact Study
Accuplacer Math Validation Study
Active Directory Password Policy
DSPS-Access to Print and Electronic Information Funds
YCCD Computer Inventory Replacement Plan
Columbia College Counselor Resource Manual
Deep Freeze 2017 Agreement
Email-Notifications of Planned Network Outages
Email-Security considerations regarding posting of maintenance and replacement schedule.pdf
Deep Freeze - Features of Computer Lab Software
ITS Org Chart May 2017.pdf
ITS-Change Management Workflow
Student Portal - Screenshot of Site in Development
Employee Portal - Screenshot of Site in Development
YCCD Access Points
YCCD Network Overview

Audit 2011-2012

Audit 2012-2013

September 11 Study Session and Regular Minutes

May 17 2017 College Council Meeting Minutes

Program Review - Tie to Mission

Approval of a Mission - Board Minutes 2016 03 11

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