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Student Success Council (SSC)


Columbia College is committed to supporting all students in developing and reaching their educational goals.  The Columbia College Student Success Council coordinates the College’s efforts to ensure equal educational opportunities and promote success among all students regardless of gender, race, disability, or economic status.  The SSC shall make recommendations regarding the development and implementation of Columbia College’s comprehensive plan for student success to College Council. 

  Student Success Council Bylaws

    SSC Meeting Minutes

How to Make a Student Success Proposal

     How to Submit a Proposal to the Student Success Council

    Student Success Proposal Form

Council Process for Reviewing Proposals

     Student Success Council Proposal Review Process

SSC Members

  Name Title Stakeholder Group Contact Info
  Melissa Raby Vice President of Student Services Chair
  Kirsten Frye Dean of Student Services LTAC

Michael Igoe

Director of Access, Retention, & Support Services LTAC


Benjamin Marcus

Director of Research & Planning LTAC


Stephanie Beaver-Guzman

Counselor - Special Programs Faculty /  Tri-Chair

  Sean Osborn DSPS Counselor/Coordinator Faculty
  Daniel Godsil Instructor - Music Faculty
  Rebecca Slate Instructor - English Faculty
  Candice Hann Program Technician CSEA Rep
      CSEA Rep
  Matt Connot Research Analyst Classified Senate
  Courtney Sutton Program Technician Classified Senate /   Tri-Chair
  Ricki Lee Korba ASCC Representative  Student
  Collin Harless ASCC Representative  Student


Student Success and Equity Research

Evidence Based Decision Making

SSC considers the results of local, regional, and national research when developing a comprehensive plan that addresses a number of Student Success Initiatives.



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