Columbia College Research Briefs

June 2022: 2022-2025 Student Equity Plan: Evidence of Decreased Disproportionate Impact and Proposed New Benchmarks

June 2022: Spring 2022 RNL Student Satisfaction Inventory [Summary Master Slide Deck]

June 2022: Spring 2022 RNL Student Satisfaction Inventory [Infographic]

May 2022: Healthcare Program Enrollments and Outcome Disparities AY2016-17 to AY2020-21 for Columbia College, Modesto Junior College, and Yosemite Community College District [Datasheet]

February 2022: Summary of Career Technical Education Section Enrollment and Success Outcomes by Funding Accounting Method and Instructional Locations from AY2015-17 through AY2020-21 [Datasheet]

July 2021: Analysis of Columbia College's eLumen CSLO Faculty Participation Report for AY2016-17 through AY2020-21 [Datasheet]

July 2021: Comparison of Outcomes for Columbia College Dual Enrolled Students and First Year Students in Cohorts AY2018-19 To Date [Datasheet]

July 2021: Spring 2021 RNL Student Satisfaction Inventory [Summary Master Slide Deck]

July 2021: Spring 2021 RNL Student Satisfaction Inventory [Infographic]

March 2021: Spring 2021 Survey of Governance Structures Results Summary

January 2021: ZTC and Non-ZTC Course Success Rate Analysis [Datasheet]

May 2020: Comparison of Columbia College Distance Education and the California Community College System

May 2020: Estimate of Non-College Educated 18-to-24 Year Olds in Columbia College's Extended Region

April 2020: Preliminary Impacts of Covid-19 and California Shelter-In-Place Order on Columbia College Enrollment

September 2019: A Brief Analysis of Course Offerings and Sequential Course Taking in Summer Terms

December 2018: Reasons Why Students Withdraw from Courses

October 2018: AD-T Recipients and Activity Courses

September 2018: Examination of Enrollment Trends among Area High School Graduates

September 2018: Examination of Enrollment, Success, and Retention among Returning, First-Time Transfer, and First Time Students

April 2018: Examination of Success, Retention, and Persistence among Prison Program Recipients

CTE Outcomes Survey Reports

Individuals wishing to compare results to the statewide outcomes, other colleges, or past reports can visit the CTE Outcomes Survey website for additional reports.

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