Institutional Effectiveness Institutional Effectiveness

Columbia College is committed to a culture of continuous improvement and systematic cycle of evaluation, integrated planning, implementation, and re-evaluation. The mission, vision, and core values guide all planning, at all levels, for the college.

The Participatory Governance Handbook describes the structure for institutional planning and decision-making at the college. The Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC) is responsible for oversight of institutional effectiveness, which includes college planning, outcomes assessment, program review, the participatory governance structure, and other similar matters. The Office of Research and Planning also assists by providing data, analytics, and other information for maintaining and advancing the quality and effectiveness of academic programs, student support areas, and administrative units.

  • Planning Documents and College-Specific Processes provide guidance toward fulfilling the college mission. The plans and college-specific processes focus the college on its priorities, inform decisions about resource allocation, and provide space to continually reflect and improve.
  • Outcomes Assessment and Program Review is a systematic evaluation process to continually improve and align planning and processes. Assessment of outcomes is part of the program review process and linked to the assessment of the college’s Institutional Student Learning Outcomes.
  • Accreditation  is a process that ensures the academic quality of its educational programs and service areas. The college undergoes a comprehensive review every seven years to reaffirm its commitment to continuous self-reflection and improvement.

All constituents (students, faculty, classified professional, and administrators) have a common interest in the success and well-being of the Yosemite Community College District (YCCD), Columbia College, and its students and have an opportunity to participate collegially in planning and decision-making as outlined in the Participatory Governance Handbook.


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