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Student Success and Equity

Student Success and Equity

Student Success & Equity Advisory Committee (SSEAC)


SSEAC is an advisory body that provides guidance for both the SSSP and Student Equity plans.

Student Success & Support Program (SSSP)(formerly Matriculation) is a process that enhances student access to the California Community Colleges and promotes and sustains the efforts of credit students to be successful in their educational endeavors.  

The goals of SSSP are to ensure that all students complete their college courses, persist to the next academic term, and achieve their educational objectives through the assistance of the student-direct components of the SSSP process: admissions, orientation, assessment and testing, counseling, and student follow-up.  

Student Equity focuses on increasing access, course completion, ESL and basic skills completion, degrees, certificates and transfer for all students as measured by success indicators.  "Success indicators" are used to identify and measure areas for which disadvantaged populations may be impacted by issues of equal opportunity.

Student Success Initiative is a California statewide effort to improve educational achievement in the California Community Colleges.  The Student Success Task Force recommended 22 specific policy changes to strengthen the community college system by expanding those structures and programs that work and realigning our resources with what matters most: student achievement.


Student Success & Support Program Plan (approved by College Council, 10/03/2014)

SSSP Budget Plan (2014-2015)

Student Equity Plan (approved by Board of Trustees 12/10/14)

Spring 2014 Flex Day Presentation

SSSP Fact Sheet

SSSP Resources

Student Equity Resources

SSEAC Workgroup Minutes

SSEAC Workgroup Agendas


SSEAC Workgroup Members

Name Title Stakeholder Group
Melissa Raby Vice President of Student Services Administration/SSSP Coordinator
Klaus Tenbergen Dean of Career Technical Education Administration
Diana Sunday Researcher Management
Anneka Rogers-Whitmer TRiO Director Management
Ted Hamilton Instructor - History Faculty/Academic Senate President
Randy Barton Instructor - Business and Economics Faculty
Elizabeth Pfleging Counselor Faculty
Rick Rivera Instructor - English Faculty
Adrienne Seegers Instructor - Child Development Faculty
Tina Trolier Instructor - Psychology Faculty
Kirsten Miller Counselor Faculty
Matt Fox EOPS Coordinator / Counselor Faculty
Karin Rodts DSPS Coordinator Faculty
Colleen Henry Executive Secretary Classified Staff
Shawn Jordison Alternative Media Specialist Classified Staff
Tracey Hickey Program Assistant Classified Staff
Matthew Christman Student Student Senate