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Financial Aid Forms

Online Forms:

Students are often required to submit electronic forms, or online forms, as part of the FAFSA verification process. These forms are submitted via Electronic Data Submission (EDS), our electronic forms database which can be accessed at the link below. If you are a first-time user, please read the EDS Instructions.

Verified Tax Documentation:

Students may also be required to provide federal tax documentation, which may be provided in 1 of 2 ways (click here for detailed instructions):

  • IRS Data Retrieval Tool: Accessed in the Financial Information section of your FAFSA, this feature may be available for students or parents to have their verified tax information transferred directly onto the FAFSA by the IRS. Once the information is transferred in, please make sure you do not alter any of the transferred information and that you sign and submit the FAFSA on the final page. You must notify your Financial Aid Technician once you successfully use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool so we can apply the information to your account.
  • Tax Return Transcript: Accessed through the IRS website, a Tax Return Transcript may either be viewed and printed online or be received via mail within 5-10 days. Provide the transcript to the Financial Aid Office to continue processing. Please note: if you filed an amended tax return, you must also provide a Tax Account Transcript. Alternatively, a tax transcript may be requested via IRS Form 4506-TIf you are sending in your parent's verified tax documentation, you must include your student ID number (w#) on each page of the transcript so that we may apply it to the correct account.
    • Request a transcript online here
    • Should the above methods fail, you may call 1-800-908-9946 to order a transcript from the IRS over the phone. However, expect a lengthy wait to speak with a representative.

Printable Forms:


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