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Feel free to visit us in person during office hours or email our team at for assistance.  If you are a current student, you must email us from your student email account for service.

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How to apply

 New Student Check List

Application - Complete an application (allow a minimum of 1-2 business days for processing).  
Email Setup - After you receive your welcome letter, activate your Columbia student email account to receive important information and updates.
Advisement - Counselors are available to help you select classes for your first semester, make decisions about a certificate or major, and stay on track in reaching your educational goals -- check in for advising at least once a semester to review certificate, degree, or transfer preparation requirements.
Placement into Math/English - Columbia College places all incoming students into college-level math and English. Please carefully review math, English, and support course options as they relate to your educational goal. If you have Advanced Placement scores from high school or have already completed college-level math or English coursework, please meet with a counselor to determine the best placement for you. Call (209) 588-5109 to schedule.
Financial Aid - Apply for federal and state aid.  Approximately 80% of Columbia students are eligible!  
Official Transcripts - Send official, sealed transcripts from all of your prior colleges. High school transcripts are NOT needed by the A&R office unless you have taken two years of foreign language with at least a C- in the highest level course, and/or, one year of high school chemistry with at least a B grade.  If you meet one or both of these, please request your official high school transcript to be sent to the Admissions and Records office.  
Orientation - Complete an Orientation session online or in person. This is a REQUIRED step to acquaint you with important information about the college and how to proceed with planning your education.
Registration Information - Register for classes any time on or after your priority registration date and time.  Please click the link to learn how to register.
Fee Information - Fees are due at the time you register.
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