Class Search and Registration Tutorial 

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I have added the course to my plan but do not see it on the drop/register page.

Fire Academy course registration tutorial.

I can't find the blue register button.

Continuing Students

If you have taken classes at Columbia College in the past three semesters, you may register for classes on or after your registration date and time.

  • If you have forgotten your password or W number, and cannot reset your password on your own, you must contact the Help Desk at 209-588-5385 to help you reset it.  The A&R staff cannot give out any personal information such as W numbers over the phone. 
  • If you have attended Columbia College in the past but have been gone for a year or longer, you will be required to complete a new admissions application via the yellow Apply Now button at the top left of this page.

New and Returning Students

If this is your first time taking a class with Columbia College (or you have attended in the past but it has been a year or longer), start by completing the Admissions Application. Click the Apply Now button at the top left of this screen.

  • Once you submit your online admissions application, you will receive an email from CC Admissions confirming your acceptance and providing you with your student identification / "w" number. 

Waitlist Information

When a course section (class) fills, you can place yourself on the waitlist as long as you have satisfied any prerequisites. However, you cannot be enrolled in a class section and also be on a waitlist for the same course that meets at a different time, so choose your course sections carefully! When you place yourself on a waitlist, it means that the course section you have chosen has reached its seat capacity; you are now waiting to enroll in the event that any seats become available or the instructor allows for additional students.

You are not guaranteed a seat in the class when you are on a waitlist. The process is not automatic. If a seat becomes available during registration, you will be notified via your student email. Once you receive this email notification, you will have 3 days to register for the class. If you do not register within 3 days, you will be dropped from the waitlist.

You are not charged for a class until you have registered for the class via connectColumbia or in the Admissions & Records Office. You are only permitted to be on one waitlist at a time in any given subject (i.e., one English 1A section, or one Math 104 section, etc.).

What to do if you are on a waitlist*:

  1. If you do not receive a waitlist notification email to add the class, reach out to the instructor using your student email for "add authorization."
  2. Tell the instructor that you are on the waitlist for the class and you would like permission to add.
  3. If your request is granted, you will receive an email to your student email address.  You cannot register until the course begins.
  4. Once the course begins, log into connectColumbia under the registration tab, choose Register and Drop Classes to register for the course. The course should be listed on the register and drop page with blue text reading "Authorization Granted." Click the blue Register button below the course to utilize your authorization and register into the course. 
  5. The waitlist system stops sending permission to add emails 5 days before a class begins.
  6. Please see "Adding An Authorized Course From The Waitlist" below for instructions on registering after receiving instructor permission to add.

* If you are on a waitlist and decide not to add the class, drop yourself from the waitlist.

Please note:  If you put your name on a waitlist while the prerequisite class is in progress and then don't pass the class, you will not be permitted to add the class.

Adding An Authorized Course From The Waitlist

Adding a Course

Students may add full-term, open sections of courses through the registration period; short-term courses have individual deadlines. Once the semester begins, students must contact the instructor for add authorization.  Please watch the Class Search and Registration Tutorial video at the top of this page.  If you need further help learning how to add courses, you can call the Welcome Center at  209-588-2194,  to speak with a Student Ambassador and they can help you with that process.

Begin at the Class Search page.  Find a course section that you are interested in taking and click on that section number.  You will be taken to the Self-Service portal and will need to and log into your account using your student identification number ("w" number) and password.  You will add that section to your "semester plan."  You may add as many other sections as you like to your plan to figure out your schedule.  Once you are happy with the way your plan looks, you will need to register for each course by clicking on the Register and Drop Courses screen.  Be sure to watch the video above to see this entire process! 

Add Authorization

Add Authorization is requested when the student sends an email to faculty for permission to add into their course.  Faculty may or may not grant permission in the Self-Service portal.  If you emailed your instructor and received permission to add a section, you may register once the course begins.  Check the course section on your semester plan in the Self-Service portal to see if the instructor has given permission for you to add.   There will be a light blue "Authorized for Add" message showing in the section on the Register and Drop screen. 

For a step by step breakdown of adding a section via Add Authorization please see the how to guide below

Add Authorization How To Guide For Students

If you cannot add a class on your own for some reason, you can complete a Course Registration form and email it from your Columbia College student email account to and the A&R Team will assist you.  

Dropping a Course

You may drop courses in the Self-Service portal on the Register and Drop Courses page.  You can access the Self-Service Portal through connectColumbia by clicking on Register and Drop Classes link.

If you need assistance in dropping a class, you can complete a Course Drop form and email it from your Columbia email account to and the A&R Team will assist you.  Please note that if you drop after attending the class past the census date, you will receive a withdrawal grade (W) on your transcript.  You can drop the course until 75% of the course has been completed.  After that point, you can no longer drop or receive a W in the course.  Instead, you will receive an A-F grade from your instructor.  See the Important Dates and Deadlines calendar for full semester course drop dates.  For short term classes, please use Class Search to find your course.   Click on the course title to see the drop dates.


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