Upcoming Registration Dates 

Summer 2021 Registration

  • Semester begins: May 3, 2021
  • Priority registration: March 22, 2021
  • Open registration: April 19, 2021

Fall 2021 Registration

  • Semester begins: August 23, 2021
  • Priority registration: May 17, 2021
  • Open registration: June 14, 2021



New Self-Service Registration Guide

Current Students

If you have taken classes with Columbia College in the past three semesters, you may register for classes by visiting connectColumbia and logging into your online account using your student identification number ("w" number) and password.  If you forgot your password or W number, and cannot reset your password on your own, you must contact the Help Desk at 209-588-5385 to help you reset it.  The A&R staff cannot give out any personal information such as W numbers over the phone because we cannot confirm your identity. 

  • If you have attended Columbia College in the past but have been gone for a year or longer, you will be required to complete a new admissions application via the Apply Now button on our home page.

New Students

If this is your first time taking a class with Columbia College (or you have attended in the past but it has been a year or longer), start by completing the Admissions Application. Click Apply Now and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Once you submit your online admissions application, you will receive an email from CC Admissions to confirm your acceptance and give you your student identification / "w" number. 
  • Now it's time to register for classes. Begin by visiting connectColumbia, the online registration portal. (You can also find a link to connectColumbia on the College home page under "My Columbia")

Adding a course

You may add your courses in your student portal, connectColumbia.  If you need help learning how to add courses in connectColumbia, you can call 209-588-5109 to speak with a Student Ambassador and they can help you with that process.

If you cannot add a class on your own for some reason, you can complete a course registration form and email it from your Columbia student email account to ccadmissions@yosemite.edu and the A&R Team will assist you.  

On the first day of the class, instructors may disperse add codes to students who have contacted them to request to add a wait listed course.  During the first week of class, students may be able to add themselves into a course with open seats on their own  without  an add code.  If the course had a wait list, they will need an add code to add.   After  the first week, students adding into a course with open seats will also need an add code from the instructor.  

If you would like to add a course after census, which is usually two weeks after the start of the class (full term class), you will need to complete the Permission to Add After Census form.  That form must be signed by both the instructor and dean and then emailed to ccadmissions@yosemite.edu from your student email account.  

Wait list information

When a class is full, a wait list begins for that course.  If a spot becomes available, you will be emailed using your student email address and will have 5 days to add the course.  If you do not add during that time, your chance to add expires and permission goes out to the next person on the wait list.  Six days before the class starts, the wait list for that course stops so that anyone who received an email with permission to add has the chance to register before the class begins. If you did not receive a permission to add email, contact the instructor on the first day of class to request an add code.  You may also request an add code via an E- Add Card Request in your connectColumbia portal.  

Dropping a course

You may drop courses in your student portal, connectColumbia.  You can access connectColumbia from the home page of the Columbia College web site.  

If you need assistance in dropping a class, you can complete a Course Drop form and email it from your Columbia email account to ccadmissions@yosemite.edu  and the A&R Team will assist you.  Please note that if you drop after attending the class past the census date, you will receive a withdrawal grade (W) on your transcript.  You can drop the course until 75% of your course has been completed.  After that point, you can no longer drop or receive a W in the course.  Instead you will receive an A-F grade from your instructor.  Please see the Class Search for census and drop dates for your particular class. 


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