Student Code of Conduct Student Code of Conduct

The goal of student conduct is student growth and development and the preservation of the educational environment. The Office of the Dean of Student Services works to support institutional and educational missions. Staff engages and educates students to be better citizens by guiding them towards ethical decision making and accountability. The purpose of the conduct process is to identify and address problematic behaviors that may prevent a student/s from being successful in achieving their goals. Through due process, we strive to find a solution that promotes student success and campus safety.

While there are times when sanctions are issued for violations of the Standards of Conduct, the main purpose of the student conduct process is to help students reach their academic and professional goals through an equitable process.  Often times, the Dean of Student Services will collaborate with the Columbia College Alert Team (CCAT), Counseling office, Health Services and Public Safety in order to ensure a student is successful both in the student conduct process and in reaching their goals.

Columbia College, under the Yosemite Community College District Board Policy (5500) Student Code of Conduct  has specified those standards of student behavior which it considers in violation of its educational mission and its community life. These regulations are designed to represent reasonable standards of conduct.  The Student Code of Conduct  governs the behavior of students and guests on campus, in all classes and at any college sponsored activities, both academic and nonacademic . Violations of the code may subject individuals to disciplinary action, which is consistent with the requirements of due process.  

For more information on the conduct process, see  YCCD Policy  5500  Standards of Student Conduct.  

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