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Columbia College Interim President's Message

Welcome to Columbia College.  While this year will be like none other as our community continues to wait out the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Columbia College is here to support students on their educational journey. I am excited that you are focused on higher education to support and propel you toward your personal goals. Education opens doors and will provide opportunities as you navigate the future. Whether your goal is to achieve an associate’s degree, transfer to a university, or to obtain a degree or certificate in a career field, Columbia College offers an array of courses and programs to support your educational objectives.

Our dedicated faculty members continuously demonstrate their passion for student learning, providing modern curriculum, and innovative teaching methods.  Our enthusiastic, professional staff members help ensure that you receive all the information and support services you need throughout your educational journey at Columbia College. 

Our student clubs provide opportunities to find a community of your own that will define your social experience while a student here.


G.H. Javaheripour, Ed.D.

Interim President, Columbia College







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