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Through Yosemite Community College Board Policy #4215, the YCCD Board of Trustees has authorized Columbia College Security Officers to provide for the safety and security of the persons and property of Columbia College.

The Campus Security Department provides continuous security coverage of the campus and its facilities 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Campus Security Officers are not sworn law enforcement officers and do not have arrest power other than the power of citizen’s arrest. They do however have the authority to identify and determine whether certain individuals have lawful business on college property.

Campus Security Officers respond to all campus emergencies, reports of unlawful activity, assists in medical emergencies, reports situations to the district and local law enforcement, provides a variety of customer related services, and enforces campus parking regulations.

The Campus Security Department is located in the Public Safety Center and shares this facility with the College Fire Department. The Public Safety Center is located on Columbia College Drive, adjacent to the main gate of the college.


To report a life threatening emergency call: "911" from any on campus telephone. Students are encouraged to report all emergencies and/or unlawful and suspicious activity and to Campus Security.

An on-duty Campus Security Officer can be reached by calling:

  • Security Office:        (209) 588-5167
  • Cellular telephone(209) 566-5476


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