Food Resources Food Resources

Ponderosa Pantry

located in the Student Center, Ponderosa Building

Visit the Ponderosa Pantry page for more details.

Lakeside Cafe

located in lower Manzanita

Summer hours at Lakeside Café are 8:30 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Thursday .

Made to order sandwiches during lunch as well as grab and go items, snacks and drinks.

Visit the Lakeside Cafe page to read about our mission.


Cellar Bistro

located in lower Manzanita

The Cellar Bistro is a laboratory learning site for Columbia College’s Hospitality Management students. Most of our students first experience with being a server is in their first semester in college here in the Bistro. We do appreciate constructive feedback, but please keep in mind maintaining a safe learning environment for our students.  

No Summer Semester Services

Chef Instructors : Lawrence Bezaitis,  Marcus D. Whisenant  Instructional Support Specialist: Jason Romano 

Offered by CTE Division Hospitality Management

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