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What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment is a term used to describe a high school student who is also enrolled in college courses.

High School Enrollment + College Enrollment = Dual Enrollment

What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment?

  • Earning high school and college credits simultaneously
  • Saving money on college tuition - CA Community College tuition is FREE for high school students
  • Earning dual credit may allow students to graduate high school early
  • Students could potentially earn an Associates Degree by the time they graduate high school
  • Early college exposure increases the likelihood of college completion
  • All dual enrolled students have access to college resources such as the library, free tutoring services, and accommodations for disabled students
  • Many of the courses that are available at the college are transferable to 4 year institutions
  • Access to higher education for both mainstream and traditionally underrepresented high school students
  • Increase in college readiness
  • Ease of transition from high school to college

What are the requirements?

  • The student must be at least 14 years old
  • The student must be in good standing with their high school
  • The student's high school must sign off on college enrollment
  • The student can only take up to 11 college units per term (unless in CCAP, then up to 15 units)
  • Students must complete the online Columbia College Application. You can access an application tutorial  here If you are a current high school student and have attended the college within the last three semesters you do not need to reapply. 
  • Students who are participating in CCAP courses or are in Middle College should complete the CCAP/Middle College Registration form. 
  • Regular Special Admits (high school students taking college courses on their own time) should complete the Special Admit/Early College Registration form. 
  • Email completed registration forms to halsteadke@yosemite.edu

NOTICE: Dual Enrollment paperwork must be approved by a high school administrator. During shelter-in-place, students and parents should sign the form and will be permitted to send it without the high school signature. However, each high school will be required to send in a list of approved students in lieu of a signature on each student form.

What are the different types of dual enrollment?

Special Admit - This is any student who is 14 or older and is cleared by their high school to take college courses. Students can take classes in-person or online, depending on their regular school schedule.

Middle College and Early College Programs - These are formal programs through Sonora High School and Summerville High School, respectively. Students are required to be a part of the high school programs and are signed off by counselors to take off-campus college courses during the school day along with their regular high school courses.

College and Career Access Pathway (CCAP) - These are college courses that are taught on the high school campuses during the normal school day. Students must be approved by their high schools in order to enroll.

What else should I consider about dual enrollment?

  • College courses are typically more rigorous, so students should be prepared to put more time and effort into completing the courses
  • Parent access to grades and college records may be limited under The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Athletes or those who already have a heavy workload should consider whether or not they have the capacity to take college courses
  • All college courses become part of your permanent college transcript and poor grades could affect future financial aid awards and acceptance to other postsecondary institutions
  • A failing grade in a college course could prohibit a student from meeting high school graduation requirements

What programs are in my area?

Sonora High - Middle College 

Middle College Program Contact: Courtney Castle 
209.532.5511 Ext 119   cccastle@sonorahs.k12.ca.us

Middle College, a partnership between Columbia College and Sonora High School, offers juniors and seniors in high school the opportunity to begin their college careers before graduation. Students are able to work toward an Associate's Degree, explore possible careers, or gain advanced technical training. Students from all area high schools who have demonstrated their ability to succeed academically are encouraged to apply. If accepted, the students will take two periods of their choice at Sonora High School. They will fulfill the rest of their requirements and electives with college courses at Columbia College.

Summerville High - Early College

Early College Program Contact: Dan Atkins
209.928.4228 Ext 229   datkins@summbears.net

The Early College Program is a partnership between Summerville High School and Columbia College which allows juniors and seniors to take college classes concurrently with their high school classes. Summerville High School Grade Level Coordinators will work with students to help adjust their high school schedule to best adapt to their college course schedule.

College and Career Access Pathway (CCAP)

CCAP stats 2021

The CCAP program is a partnership between Columbia College and local participating high schools. This   program was made possible by Assembly Bill 288 and authorizes California Community Colleges to enter into formal partnership agreements with local school districts to expand access to college courses for high school students. The goals for offering college courses on high school campuses during the regular school day also include: accelerated learning, building career pathways, and promoting accountability for student learning. Students who wish to participate in the CCAP program must gain approval from their parents as well as their high school.

High School Contacts:
Amador County Unified: Kelly Hunkins 209.257.5154 khunkins@acusd.org
Amador High: Jessica Dorris 209.257.7340 jidorris@acusd.org
Argonaut High: Troy Gassaway 209.257.7700 troy.gassaway@acusd.org
Bret Harte High: Heath Lane 209.736.2507 Ext. 1317 hlane@bhuhsd.k12.ca.us
Calaveras High: Alissa Clifton 209.754.1811 aclifton@calaveras.k12.ca.us
Oakdale High: Shannon Kettering 209.847.3007 skettering@ojusd.org
Sonora High:  Courtney Castle 209.532.5511 Ext 119  cccastle@sonorahs.k12.ca.us
Summerville High: Dan Atkins 209.928.4228 Ext 229  datkins@summbears.net
Waterford High: Lina Kaji 209.874.9060 rkaji@waterford.k12.ca.us

Columbia College Contacts:
Kelsey Halstead, Program Specialist, 209.588.5054 halsteadke@yosemite.edu
Michelle Walker, Interim Director, 209.588.5045 walkerm@yosemite.edu
Kirsten Frye, Dean of Student Services, 209.588.5146 fryek@yosemite.edu
Kirsten Miller, Counselor, 209.588.2155 millerk@yosemite.edu

How do I get started?

Contact your high school counselor to discuss whether dual enrollment is right for you. Students and parents can also access this video of a virtual CCAP informational meeting to get important details about the program. It provides an overview of how to get started as well as outlines student opportunities and responsibilities within the program. 

Click on this link to access step-by-step instructions on the application and admissions process. Click on the icon below to access an instructional video on how to apply to Columbia College. 
How to apply video

Dual Enrollment Resources

Applying for Admission
Registration Cheat Sheet (condensed version)
New Student Registration Guide (longer version)
Registration FAQs for Continuing Students
Online Course Support

Students with Disabilities

Students with verified disabilities should complete the DSPS application for high school students to ensure that appropriate accommodations are made for their college coursework. If you have questions about the application or any of the available services, please call Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) at 209-588-5130.


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