Department Directory Department Directory
Academic Achievement Center Upper Tamarack 209.588.5088
Academic Senate Buckeye 1 209.588.5381 
Admissions and Records Upper Manzanita 209.588.5231
Adult Education Upper Manzanita 209.588.5203
Art Building Willow 209.588.5150
Arts, Sciences, & Human Performance (ASHP)
Dean of ASHP - Raelene Juarez
Upper Manzanita 209.588.5087
Articulation Upper Manzanita 209.588.5109
Automotive Lab Madrone 209.588.5049
Automotive ASE Testing Madrone 209.588.2173
Automotive Technology Madrone 209.588.5159
Baker Station Stanislaus National Forest 209.965.3975
Biology Lab Sugar Pine 209.588.5157
Bookstore Lower Manzanita 209.588.5126
Buckeye Computer Lab Buckeye 4 209.588.5168
Business Services Upper Manzanita 209.588.5114
CalWORKs Upper Manzanita 209.588.5148
CARE/EOPS Upper Manzanita 209.588.5130
Campus Operations Behind Fire House 209.588.5060
Canvas Support Off-Campus 844.243.8405
Career Technical Education (CTE) 
Dean of CTE - Brandon Price, Ed.D
Upper Manzanita  209.588.5142
Cellar Bistro Lower Manzanita 209.588.5300
Child Care Center Maple and Laurel 209.588.5278
Classified Senate On-Campus   
College & Administrative Services
VP of College and Admin Services - Trevor Stewart
Upper Manzanita 209.588.5112
Community Education Fir 209.588.5203
Counseling Services Upper Manzanita 209.588.5109
Curriculum Committee Upper Manzanita 209.588.5381
Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) Upper Manzanita 209.588.5130 
EOPS/CARE Upper Manzanita 209.588.5130
Facilities Operations Behind Fire House  209.588.5366
Family Services Maple and Laurel 209.588.5278
Financial Aid Department Upper Manzanita 209.588.5105 
Fir Video Conference Room Fir 209.588.5267
Fir Computer Lab Fir 209.588.5209
Fire House/Station Fire House 209.588.5207
Foster and Kinship Care (FKCE)   209.588.5278 
Food Service/Snack Bar (Lakeside Cafe) Lower Manzanita  209.588.5321
Foundation Office Upper Manzanita  209.588.5065
General Education Development (GED) Upper Manzanita  209.588.5148
Health & Human Performance Oak 209.588.5187
Health Services Pinyon 209.588.5204
Health, Safety, and Wellness Pinyon 209.588.5204
HELPDESK Off-Campus 209.588.5385
High Sierra Institute at Baker Station Stanislaus National Forest  209.588.5155
Hospitality Management Program Lower Manzanita 209.588.5135
Hospitality Baking Lab Lower Manzanita 209.588.5301
Hospitality Cooking Lab Lower Manzanita 209.588.2072
Information Desk Upper Manzanita  209.588.2194
Instruction Office -
VP of Instruction - Dr. Brian Sanders
Upper Manzanita 209.588.5107
Institutional Research and Planning Upper Manzanita 209.588.5389
Instructional Materials Center (IMC) Upper Manzanita  209.588.5309
Instructional Technology Center (ITC) Juniper  209 588.5011
Job Placement Upper Manzanita  209.588.5273
Juniper Mac Lab Juniper  209.588.2077
Juniper Lab Juniper 209.588.2078
Learning Disabilities Specialist Upper Manzanita  209.588.5130
Library - Circulation Desk & Reference Tamarack 209.588.5119
Librarian Tamarack 209.588.5179
MJC Nursing Program   209.588.5081
Maintenance Shop Behind Fire House 209.588.5230
Math Resource Center Sequoia 209.588.5276
Media/Technology Services Tamarack 131 209.588.5122
Mental Health Services Pinyon 209.588.5346
Motherlode Educational Opportunity Center (TRIO) Upper Manzanita 209.588.5066
Music Building Aspen  209.588.5211
Nurse Office Pinyon 209.588.5204
Oak Pavilion Oak  209.588.5180
Observatory On-Campus  209.588.5297
Phi Theta Kappa Office Upper Manzanita 209.588.5236
Photo Lab Fir  209.588.5357
President's Office 
CC President - Santanu Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D.
Upper Manzanita 209.588.5115
Receiving Behind Fire House 209.588.5060
Security Beside Fire House  209.588.5167
SLO Mentoring Sequoia 209.588.5083
Student Government Ponderosa 209.588.5270
Student Housing Dorms 209.533.3039
Student Outreach Center Ponderosa 209.588.5111
Student Services
VP of Student Services - Dr. Melissa Raby
Dean of Student Services - Kirsten Frye
Tamarack 209.588.5132
Tamarack TRC Lab Tamarack 209.588.5010
Technology/Media Services Tamarack 209.588.5123
Testing Center/Assessment/GED Upper Manzanita 209.588.5109
Tram Driver On-Campus  209.588.5131
Transfer/Career Center Upper Manzanita 209.588.5312
Transportation Department Behind Fire House  209.588.5311
TRiO Student Support Services Upper Manzanita 209.588.5066/588.5109
TRiO Motherlode Educational Opportunity Center Upper Manzanita 209.588.5077/588.5044
Tutoring - AAC Peer Upper Tamarack 209.588.5088
Tutoring - Online Juniper 209.588.5011
Veteran's Benefits Upper Manzanita 209.588.5232
Veteran's Center Toyon 209.588.5246/588.2090 
Welding Lab Mahogany 209.588.5365
Work Experience Upper Manzanita 209.588.5148
YFA - Administrative Secretary at CC Upper Manzanita  209.588.5381
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