This petition is to be used if you want to request an EW or P for a course AFTER you receive your spring 2020 grades. It may also be used for summer 2020 if you are affected by COVID-19.   If you already dropped a spring 2020 course on or after March 4th, your W will be changed to an EW automatically.  For more information regarding spring 2020 grading options due to COVID-19 please see this FAQ document.

A word about fillable PDF documents- You must download and save your document before filling it out.  If you don't, you will send back a blank document.  Your completed document must be sent from your Columbia College email address.    

E signature instructions How to create an e-signature.  You must use your Columbia College email address or forms will not be processed.

Dual Enrollment - High Schools Students

NOTICE:  Dual Enrollment paperwork will be accepted if it is signed by a high school official.  Unsigned registration forms will only be accepted if emailed from a high school official's email address giving us permission to process them.

 Petitions must be returned to the A&R office -  PLEASE DO NOT FAX PAPERWORK!

Concurrent Enrollment


Enrollment & Fees

  • AB 540 Non-Residence Tuition Exemption Request - Apply to have your 'non-California resident' status reviewed. If you have attended three (3) years AND graduated from a California high school, or, if you have attended three (3) years AND received a GED, from a California high school.
  • Application for Course Audit - Students must meet the eligibility criteria in college catalog to audit a course.
  • Course Registration - Use this form when you need to add a class with assistance from A&R.
  • Credit By Exam - Students must meet the eligibility criteria in the college catalog before requesting credit by exam.
  • Degree Verify - Columbia College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verification. 
  • Enrollment Verify - Columbia College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verification.
  • Enrollment Verify-Free- If you have not used your two free requests, use this form.  Use the link above if you have used your two free requests.    
  • Fee Refund Request - Apply for a refund for dropped classes (Submit to Business Services)
  • Multiple Measures Placement Form - Complete with a Counselor and return to Admissions & Records prior to enrollment in math and English courses.
  • Personal Information Update - Use this form to make a legal name change, correct a birthdate, update your email, etc.
  • Residency Status Consideration - Application for non-California resident status review.
  • Student Activity Fee Refund - Apply for a refund of the student activity sticker fee. The Student Activity Fee is used to support student events and activities on campus, such as Cram Night, free student BBQ's, movie nights and other free activities. It also pays for scholarships, clubs and sponsorships.
  • Student Representation Fee Refusal - Please use this form if, for religious, political, financial or moral reasons, you would like to request a waiver of the student representation fee.
  • Transcript Request - Online Process with National Student Clearinghouse
  • Free Transcript Request- No RUSH delivery. Paper transcripts delivered by USPS.  Allow 2 weeks for processing plus mailing time due to COVID-19.
  • CSU GE/IGETC Certification Request- Certification delivered by USPS.  Allow 2 weeks for processing plus mailing time due to COVID-19.


  • Academic Renewal- Approved petitions to alleviate substandard grades from GPA computation.
  • Course Substitution/Waiver- Petition for course substitution or waiver to be submitted the semester before applying to graduate with a degree, a Certificate of Achievement, or a Skills Attainment Certificate (consult with your counselor).
  • Concurrent Enrollment - Students taking classes at both MJC and Columbia College must complete this form.
  • Loss of Priority Registration and/or CA College Promise Grant Appeal - Appeal the loss of priority registration due to matriculation, academic standing, or unit cap requirements, and/or the loss of Board of Governor's Fee Waiver (BOG).
  • Repeat Petition-  Petition to repeat a course that exceeds maximum allowable course enrollments (Consult with your counselor and submit the form to the Counseling office). 
  • Pass/No Pass Grading - Apply for Pass/No Pass grading status for a class.
  • Prerequisite/Corequisite Challenge Petition- Petition to challenge the enrollment standard.
  • General Student Petition - General petition for items not covered by other petitions including drop without a W and excused withdrawal (EW).
  • Time Conflict- To be used when a student tries to enroll in two classes that coincide in times (beginning and/or end times).


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