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 MEOC- Engage. Discover. Connect.

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MEOC is a federally-funded program sponsored through the
Department of Education that provides personalized transition services
to individuals who wish to explore their options to attend a college/vocational program.

The Mother Lode Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC) assists adults in our region to obtain their academic credentials required for economic mobility by providing guidance on how to enter, re-enter, and navigate post-secondary institutions.  MEOC Transition Specialists partner with community agencies throughout our consortium’s service area to provide adults with the following services:

  • Information regarding the benefits of, and options for, participating in post-secondary education
  • Support applying for college
  • Support applying for financial aid
  • Referral to services that lead to completion of secondary education (diploma or alternative), including diploma completion program, GED and ESL programs- in order to prepare to engage in college/vocational training (i.e. any post-secondary education)
  • Workshops that enhance the opportunities to successfully enroll in post-secondary education
  • Connections to community and college campus services including academic and personal counseling, accessibility needs at college (DSPS), tutoring to prepare for and at college campuses, and many more.

The grant is for approximately $1.2 million dollars ($1,180,000) over 5 years. It was first granted in 2016 and has been renewed in 2021. Some of our over 70 different partner agencies include: Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency (ATCAA), Motherlode Job Training (MLJT), all service area high schools and alternative schools, Sierra Conservation Center, local jails/juvenile detention, and all local social service organizations and Tribal TANF agencies. How to Partner with MEOC

ALL SERVICES ARE FREE to those that apply and provide a completed application for eligibility documentation.

Our motto: 

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Motherlode Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC) meets people where they are and takes them where they need to go.  MEOC assists with admissions to ANY college or vocational program. Transition Specialists engage clients through workshops and one-on-one services, providing customized assistance so MEOC clients discover their fullest potential. MEOC connects clients to appropriate resources within their chosen school based on individual needs, empowering our students to make a successful transition to higher education.

MEOC. Engage. Discover. Connect.

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