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Registration Hold and Drop for Non-Payment of Student Fees

Registration Hold For Unpaid Student Fees:

Columbia students must have a zero-dollar balance  before  their registration date and time for the upcoming semester or they will  NOT  be able to register for classes. If any fees are owed  after  the term begins, a hold will be placed on the students record preventing future registration.

How to avoid a registration hold:

  • Meet with a Financial Aid Specialist
  • Have a zero-dollar balance
  • Have a payment-plan on file in order to avoid a "registration hold" for future terms

Registration holds will begin Spring 2023 semester starting with priority registration beginning on October 24, 2022.

Registration Hold Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Where do I find my balance?
    • You can find your current balance by logging into connectColumbia from the Columbia College home web page.  Under "Financial Information,"  click on "Account Summary" to see your balance and payment options.
  1. When will a hold be put on my account?
    • If you owe fees when the semester begins, you will have a hold placed on your account until you have a zero-dollar balance.
  1. What if I owe a balance at the time of my assigned registration date?
    • You will be blocked from registering for the next semester. Once you reach a zero-dollar balance, the hold will be removed, and you will be able to register for your next semester classes.

          4. I thought the fall 2022 semester was free for all students?   Why do I have a balance?                              

    • You will have a balance if you did not apply for a FAFSA, CADAA, CCPG tuition waiver.  If you are unable to complete any of those applications, you can meet with a Financial Aid Specialist and tuition can still be waived.  See the the link to the Financial Aid website below.
  1. What if I have set up a payment plan and still owe a balance on my account, will I be able to register for the upcoming semester?
    • Until your account reflects a zero-dollar balance, the hold will continue to block you from registration. Having a payment plan will  NOT  release the hold. Be sure to pay your full tuition  PRIOR  to your upcoming registration date and time to avoid a registration hold.
Drop for Non-Payment:

Columbia students will be dropped from classes when they  do not  pay their account balance for each term.

Spring 2023 Drop Date: 1/5/2023 

How to avoid being dropped for non-payment:

  • Meet with a Financial Aid Specialist
  • Set up a Payment Plan
  • Have a zero-dollar balance

For more information regarding fees, please visit the Business Services website  or call 209.588.5113

To learn about your financial aid options contact Financial Aid   website or call 209.588.5105 for last names A-L and 209.588.5272 for last names M-Z.

For detailed account information log into  connectColumbia and click on "Financial Information" and then click on "Account Summary."


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