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Academic Records

Admissions & Registration

  • Concurrent Enrollment Form - Enroll in classes at Columbia College and Modesto Junior College
  • Time Conflict Petition - To be used when a student tries to enroll in two classes that coincide in times (beginning and/or end times)
  • Loss of Priority Registration Appeal Form - Appeal the loss of priority registration due to matriculation, academic standing, or unit cap requirements. ( Please note: this form does not function in Google Chrome, please use either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer)


Advanced Admissions - High Schools Students

Special Petitions

  • Petition for Academic Renewal - Petition to alleviate substandard grades from GPA computation
  • Repeat Petition - (Consult your counselor) Petition to repeat a course previously completed with a grade of C or better (Submit to the Counseling Office)
  • Repeat Petition - (Consult your counselor) Petition to repeat a course that exceeds maximum allowable course enrollments (Submit to the Counseling Office)
  • Special Consideration Request Petition - General petition for items not covered by other petitions (Submit to Business Services)
  • No Show Petition Form - This form is for students who want to request a review of their account because they never attended a class and never logged into an online class but have fees or a grade. (Submit to Business Services)
  • Academic Requirements Review Committee Petition - Petition for course substitution or waiver when applying for Graduation, a Certificate of Achievement or a Skills Attainment Certificate (Consult your counselor & submit petition(s) with your Graduation, Certificate of Achievement and/or Skills Attainment Certificate applications).