School Supplies Resources

Campus and community resources to help students obtain school supplies. 

Free assistance is available. Meet with the Basic Needs Coordinator: schedule an appointment.

Columbia College EOPS Program

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is a state-funded program that serves educationally and financially disadvantaged students. EOPS provides services that assist students who have the potential to succeed in college.   

EOPS provides students with a $300 bookstore voucher for required textbooks and classroom materials, either a $50 gas card and parking pass or buss tickets, three counseling sessions per semester, priority registration, access to a lending library, application fee waivers for UC and CSU schools, and transfer assistance.   

For more information about how to qualify for EOPS, visit the  EOPS eligibility web page  or call (209) 588-5130. The EOPS office is located at Manzanita 216.   

College Buys

College Buys is an online retailer that sells school supplies at discounted rates for college students. The website includes software, laptops, tech accessories, and more supplies. Visit the College Buys online store to learn more.  







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