Housing Resources

Campus and community resources to help students find safe and affordable housing. 

Free assistance is available. Meet with the Basic Needs Staff: schedule an appointment.

Emergency Housing Resources

Housing resources listed below for homeless or individuals or for people at-risk of being homeless. Resources also are listed for those fleeing domestic violence, sexual violence, or human trafficking. 

  • Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency (ATCAA) has a shelter for homeless individuals in Jackson and in Sonora. For information about the Sonora shelter, call (209) 694-8698. For information about the Jackson shelter, call (209) 223-9215. 
  • The Resource Connection Crisis Center: Immediate shelter for those in crisis may be available. Contact their 24-hour hotline at (209) 754-4011 or call their non-emergency line at (209) 754-1300 for more information. The Resource Connection Crisis Center also provides services such as peer counseling, support groups, temporary restraining order assistance, emergency hospital response, and advocate accompaniment services.

  • The Center for a Non Violent Community (CNVC) has a safe housing option called the Guardian House. This short-term housing option provides a safe and confidential place available to all adults and their dependent children who are in unsafe situations involving domestic violence, sexual violence, or human trafficking. For more information, call their crisis line at (209) 533-3401. 
    CNVC also provides services for emergency transportation, food and clothing, crisis intervention, advocacy, assistance and referrals, peer counseling, family and youth advocacy services, counseling and clinical therapy, life skills, assistance accessing resources in the community, and support groups. 
  • Sierra Hope  Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP) Sierra HOPE has limited access to grants that assist people with deposits, past-due rent, and utility bills. This assistance is for very-low income residents of Calaveras County. Applicants must meet income requirements and be at risk of becoming homeless or at risk of being without essential utilities such as heat, water, or electricity. For more information call (209) 736-6792.  
  • Resiliency Village: An emergency shelter and tiny home village that serves unsheltered people including transitional youth and seniors in Tuolumne County. Participation in the program includes access to medical, dental, and mental health services and substance abuse and recovery services. The program is designed around creative art therapies provided through a comprehensive trauma center.  For more information, call (209) 396-5554 or visit their Resiliency Village web page
  • Lambert Community Center: Provides outreach and engagement resources in response to mental illness, addiction, poverty, and homelessness in Tuolumne County.  
    The center provides: Internet access for people to search online for jobs, community resource referrals, food available every day, appointments with benefits specialists, social and emotional support and faith-based resources. 
    The center is located at 347 West Jackson Street in Sonora and is open Monday through Friday from 11 am to 2 pm.  

Student Housing at Columbia College

Columbia College is assuming ownership of the student housing that has been on our campus for the past 40 years. Students attending Columbia College can apply for either a summer, academic, or full year term. Pricing includes bedroom furnishings, a common area dining table and chairs, all utilities, as well as internet. All apartments are two bedrooms with one bathroom and have a kitchenette and living room. You may choose to live in your own bedroom or can share with a roommate. The housing is located within walking distance of all classes and is at 11800 Columbia College Drive. 

For more information regarding the housing, students are encouraged to visit the Student Housing landing page.

Columbia College Welcome Home Sponsorship 

Columbia College hosts a program in which a small group of students are selected to be sponsored to live in the dorms on campus. Students must either be housing insecure or currently homeless to be elligible for this program. There are strict requirements students must meet to be selected and stay elligible for the program. See our Columbia College Welcome Home FAQ for more information. 
The application is currently closed, but students may be added to the waiting list by emailing ccbasicneeds@yosemite.edu. Students on the waiting list will be contacted by email if the application re-opens. 

Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency (ATCAA)

Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency (ATCAA) is a public nonprofit organization involved in many programs that serve our community. ATCAA services include securing and stabilizing housing for homeless individuals and families as well as those at risk of being homeless.   

To access information about local rental listings, visti the ATCAA Rental Listings web page. This resource is regularly updated. 

ATCAA has various programs to assist the community with access to housing. To work with a case manager and find out what assistance is available:  
Tuolumne County residents call (209) 533-1397 x 290 and x 238  
Amador County residents call (209) 223-1485 x 243 and x 223  
Calaveras County residents call (209) 736-6792  
Mariposa County residents call (209) 966-2000  
ATCAA also assists the community with emergency housing, food, utility assistance, childcare, financial literacy, and more. For more information, visit  the ATCAA website.  

County Housing Divisions

County housing divisions have case managers available to meet with you and discuss your personal situation, needs, and assistance that may be available to you. 
Tuolumne County Housing Division is available to assess your specific needs and refer you to available assistance. For more information, call (209) 533-5633.  Learn more about the programs online  
Calaveras County Housing Division is available to assess your specific needs and refer you to available assistance. For more information, call (209) 754-6325.  Learn more about the programs online

Sierra Hope

Sierra Hope is a nonprofit organization that serves people in Calaveras County.   
Supportive Housing Program 
This program serves people with  a physical disability or a severe mental health disorder. Participants live in a supportive housing unit and are charged a program fee of up to 30% of their monthly income to help cover the cost of services provided to them. Those who have no income at program entry receive assistance to apply for benefits they may be eligible for, including Social Security Disability insurance.  The goal of this program is to assist people in accessing appropriate treatment and management of their symptoms of their illness or disability and to help them live independently.   
Each program participant works closely with a case management team to provide ongoing monitoring and advocacy to help them access needed services, maintain compliance with medications and treatment plans and accomplish goals to work toward self-sufficiency.  For more information about this program, call (209) 736-6792  
Sierra Hope also provides community assistance with food, emergency housing for people at risk of becoming homeless, and HIV & AIDS support services. For more information call (209) 736-6792 or visit  the Sierra Hope website.   

Applying for Housing Choice Vouchers/Section 8

The Housing Choice Voucher program is the United States federal government's main program for assisting very low-income individuals, families, the elderly, and disabled people to afford housing. Once applicants are accepted to the program, it is up to the applicant to find suitable housing where the owner agrees to rent through the program. A housing subsidy is paid to the landlord directly by the program on behalf of the renter, and the individual or family make up the difference each month. 
Individuals or families are eligible for the program if income does not exceed 50% of the median income for the county that the person or family lives in. Eligibility will be determined within the application process.   
If person or family is eligible, they will be placed on a waiting list before the housing voucher can be delivered.   
Tuolumne, Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa, and Stanislaus County residents call (209) 557-2000 for more information. Or, visit the Housing Choice Voucher Application  to apply.   

Catholic Charities Diocese of Stockton

Catholic Charities Diocese of Stockton Veteran's Program can provide veterans with security deposits, utilities deposit, rental arrears, utilities arrears, and other necessary funds based on the needs of each person. Call (209) 396-6903 to see if you qualify.    

Affordable Housing Complexes Tuolumne County

Listed below are some of the affordable housing communities in Tuolumne County. Complexes may be at capacity or have a waiting list. Call to find out more information. 

  • Columbia Village at 11299 Columbia Village Drive in Columbia. Call (209) 588-8000 for more information.  
  • Sierra Commons Apartments at 11059 State Street in Columbia. Call (209) 532-0633 for more information.  
  • East Garden Apartments at 10347 Willow Street in Jamestown. Call (209) 984-0613 for more information.
  • Jamestown Terrace at 10330 Preston Lane in Jamestown. Call (209) 984-0632 for more information.  
  • Oak Hills Apartments at 10260 Preston Lane in Jamestown. Call (209) 984-5080 for more information.  
  • Tuolumne City Senior Apartments at 18402 Tuolumne Road in Tuolumne. Call (209) 928-1567 for more information.  
  • Tuolumne Apartments at 18400 Tuolumne Road, Tuolumne. Call (209) 928-3168 for more information.  
  • Forest View Apartments at 19499 Hess Avenue at East Sonora. Call (209) 533-8500 for more information. 
  • Twin Pines Apartments at 19611 Elder Lane in Groveland. Call (209) 962-4160 for more information. 
  • Sierra Village at 250 Greenley Road in Sonora. Call (209) 532-0817 for more information.
  • Blackberry Oaks at 801 Lyons Bald Mountain Road in Sonora. Call (209) 532-4866 for more information. 
  • Sonora Gardens at 100 Greenley Road in Sonora. Call (209) 533-0401 for more information.  
  • Sonora Terrace at 200 Greenley Road in Sonora. Call (209) 532-5707 for more information. 

Greenwood Village Apartments at 420 Greenley Road in Sonora. Call (209) 532-4866 for more information.  Affordable Housing Complexes Calaveras County

Listed below are some of the affordable housing communities in Calaveras County. Complexes may be at capacity or have a waiting list. Call to find out more information.  

  • San Andreas Apartments at 441 East Saint Charles Street, San Andreas. Call (209) 754-1453 for more information.
  • Creekside Apartments at 111 Main Street, San Andreas. Call (209) 754-5332 for more information.
  • Diamond Place Apartments at 547 Lewis Avenue, San Andreas. Call (209) 754-4643 for more information.  
  • Bear Mountain Apartments at 276 California Street, San Andreas. Call (209) 754-4077 for more information. 
  • Meadow View Terrace Apartments at 342 East Sain Charles Street, San Andreas. Call (209) 694-4457 for more information.  
  • Copello Square Apartments at 675 Copello Drive, Angels Camp. Call (209) 736-0620 for more information.  

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that aims to help residents establish homeownership and complete necessary home repairs without going into debt.   
To qualify for the home ownership program, applicants must have a need for adequate housing and an ability to pay a low-interest mortgage and minimal down payment. Applicants must also have a willingness and ability to  participate in money management, home ownership, and home maintenance classes. Applicants also will need to complete 500  hours of 'sweat equity', meaning they will help build the house they are planning to purchase.   
Applicants are selected based on severity of current need and their ability to complete the program requirements.   
The home repair programs are for home owners who need assistance in completing necessary home repairs. The program prioritizes applicants who are on a fixed or low income or who are disabled and need help making their home safe.   

For the Tuolumne County programs,  learn more online  or call (209) 536-0970.  
For the Calaveras County programs,  learn more online  or call (209) 890-3848.   


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