Advisement, Placement & Orientation Advisement, Placement & Orientation
In order to ensure a successful transition into the college, students should accomplish these steps as soon as possible: advisement, placement and orientation.

1. Academic Advisement

Contact an Academic Counselor for Math/English placement and first semester plans based on your educational goal(s). This not only sets you up for success, but can also qualify you for priority enrollment the next semester.

Also, be sure to explore our  Special Programs  to learn if you qualify for additional support and counseling services:

  • EOPS & CARE: Extended Opportunity Program & Services and Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education
  • DSPS: Disabled Student Programs & Services
  • TRIO SSS & MEOC: Student Support Services
  • CalWORKS: California Work Opportunities and Responsibilities to Kids
  • VA: Veterans Benefits & Services

2. Placement 

A new state law (AB 705) was written to help students enter and complete transfer-level English and Math in one year. 

  • What is AB 705?

AB 705 is a law that requires California Community Colleges to maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and Math within a one year timeframe. Learn more about AB 705 by visiting the  CCCCO Assessment Page. A CC Academic Counselor will place students into English and Math courses using, when available: high school coursework, high school grades, high school grade point average, educational goals and career aspirations. 

Placement into Math/English  - Columbia College places all incoming students into college level math and English. Please carefully review math, English, and support course options as they relate to your educational goal. Call the Counseling Desk at (209) 588-5109 if you have additional questions about this process.

3. Orientation

Orientation is a requirement for Priority Registration, which covers Columbia College resources, services, requirements, policies and strategies for college success. There are 2 ways to meet this requirement:

  • Complete the Online Orientation. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding by passing the final quiz with at least 7 out of 10.
  • Enroll and pass a short-term or semester length Guidance (GUIDE) course that satisfies the orientation requirement. For more information on which courses meet the requirement, please visit the Orientation page.


NEW STUDENTS - Take advantage of our Remote Access Assistance to help prepare you for Summer or Fall 2021 classes


Graduating local High School seniors, newly transferring students entering Columbia, or those returning to Columbia after some time away can access the following types of remote support:

  1. Advisement and Placement with an Academic Counselor (see table below for offerings)
  2. Use your name and w# to access a tutorial on Columbia’s online communication tools (Student Email, Zoom, CCAlert, and Starfish)
  3. Connect with peers one on one beforehand in a Pre-Advising Virtual Session with a Student Ambassador
  4. Hands-on support for class registration (screenshared examples to help familiarize you with connectColumbia)

Please check this page and our COVID-19 Updates and Resources pages regularly for the most current information available.


Spring 2021 Events
 Wed. April 21, 2021 Complete Application, Orientation, Setup Student email, Canvas and connectColumbia virtual tours with Student Ambassadors, Group Session  Zoom
Thurs. May 13, 2021 Claim Jumper Day! - New Student Advisement and Placement into English & Math, Group Session Zoom
Thurs. May 27, 2021 Claim Jumper Day! - New Student Advisement and Placement into English & Math, Group Session Zoom
NOTE: Class Search accurately reflects safety-related Adjustments to Summer 2021 courses (face to face labs, hybrid, or online) Class Search
Space is limited so please call (209) 588-5109 to reserve your seat.  
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