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Assessment, Advisement & Orientation

Assessment, Advisement & Orientation


In order to ensure students are placed in courses where they will be successful, three initial steps should be accomplished: orientation, advisement & assessment.


Orientation - Options for completing are found here.



By meeting with a Counselor before the semester starts, a first semester plan based on your educational goals and assessed abilities not only sets you up for success, but gives you priority enrollment for the next term. Contact the Counseling Desk at (209) 588-5109 to meet with a Counselor.


Columbia College utilizes assessment measures that include high school performance (when transcripts are available) to maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete college-level coursework in math and English within a one-year timeframe. 

A Counselor determines if high school coursework, grades, and grade point average qualify for Multiple Measures placement.


Advisement & Assessment

Students can bring high school or college transcripts to Advisement & Assessment events offered periodically throughout the year. Contact the Counseling Desk to inquire.




  Space is limited so please call (209) 588-5109 to reserve your seat. 



To take the ACCUPLACER placement test before enrolling in math or English courses, appointments or drop-ins are available Monday - Friday from 8:30-2:30. Please call (209) 588-5109.

Prepare yourself to perform at your best by completing a few practice tests:

  1. Practice tests are available here 

  2. Choose "Register" in the left column and enter the following Registration info:

    • School Number is 61447

    • School Key is collegesuccess


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