High Tech Center

DSPS High Tech Center provides students with disabilities training and support in the use of assistive technologies which allow them to compete as equals with their non-disabled peers at Columbia College.  Workstations are fully accessible, using the same Windows platform common throughout campus and integrated with the campus network.

We have a variety of software and hardware, including but not limited to:

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is speech recognition software that allows you to talk and have the computer type. Create documents, navigate the web, go between applications and read and write email.  Here is a document explaining more about what dragon can do!


Jaws is a screen reading program that allows low vision and blind students the ability to read, type and access the internet.

Kurzweil 3000

See it and hear it: Kurzweil is literacy support software with text-to-speech functionality, whereby the computer will highlight the text as it's read aloud. The are many, many voices to choose from, and the reading speed can be controlled by the user. This is an advantage to persons with dyslexia, poor eye control and text tracking problems. Kurzweil also offers the user the ability to create their own audio files. Here is the manual for Kurzweil 3000.

Echo Smart Pen

The Echo Smart Pen allows you to record the lecture as you take notes. The words you write down on the special notebook paper are synced to the audio that is recorded as you write. This technology uses software downloaded from http://www.livescribe.com/install and all your notes can be transferred to the computer. Once notes are on the computer, your audio can be played back. You can even send your audio/visual notes to anyone via PDF.


The VisioBook is a portable magnification device for those with low vision. The camera rotates so it can be used to view both documents on the desktop and the board in the classroom. With 30x zoom it can really  enlarge and bring into focus small print on paper and handwriting on the whiteboard in class.

Digital Recorders

These recorders are used by students who find note taking very difficult, and can be checked out from DSPS for use in the classroom or other college related situations.


ZoomText is screen magnification software that allows the user it increase the view size of the computer screen. Whether you are working on the web or most programs on the computer, you control the magnification of the screen. Zoom text also has the ability to read the text on the screen, and echo the words or letters you are typing.


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