DSPS Accommodation Complaint Process

If a student with a disability has a concern or a complaint regarding their approved accommodation(s), online course accessibility, alternate media, website accessibility, or Counseling services, the student can complete the following steps:   

  1. Contact Disabled Students Program & Services (DSPS) for an appointment. DSPS staff or Counselors are available to informally discuss student complaints and work towards a reasonable resolution as quickly as possible. Most complaints can be resolved at the DSPS department level.
  2. If the DSPS staff/Counselors are unable to resolve the student concerns, the student can submit an informal complaint through the following ways:  
    1. Make an appointment with the DSPS Coordinator at 209-588-5130 indicating the reason for the appointment. Student responsibilities and other agreements will be reviewed to help determine the reason(s) for the complaint.  
    2. Complete the   DSPS Accommodation Complaint Form  . Within five business days, an appointment will be scheduled with the DSPS Coordinator to review the complaint.  During the appointment, the student may be asked to provide supporting documentation.
  3. The DSPS Coordinator will notify the student of their meeting results in writing within three business days. If any changes to the academic plan are needed, the DSPS Coordinator will communicate those changes to DSPS staff and the student's instructors.
  4. If, after consulting with the DSPS Coordinator, the student is not satisfied, they may contact the Dean of Student Services, Mike Igoe, at (209) 588-5144 or file a complaint through the Student Complaint Procedures and Information webpage (see below). 

  Students have the right to bypass this process and file a complaint with the  California Community College Chancellors Office  or the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights. The complaint may result in an open investigation by OCR.   

Student Complaint Procedures and Information  

For specific information regarding complaints, please refer to the College's Student Complaint Procedures and Information webpage or YCCD Board Policy 5530 for further information.   

Non-Discrimination Statement  

It is the policy of Yosemite Community College District (Modesto Junior College and Columbia College) not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or disability in its educational programs and its employment practices.  

The following types of concerns or complaints are referred to the Dr. Melissa Raby, Vice President of Student Services /Title IX Campus Coordinator, and are addressed pursuant to Title IX and other laws and not as a student grievance:  

  • Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault  
  • Discrimination or Harassment based on any Protected Status  
  • Retaliation  
  • Stalking  
  • Domestic Violence  




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