Guidelines to follow to receive services through Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS)

  • Submit appropriate student forms to Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) by the appropriate deadlines (e.g., application, disability verification form, consent of release, instructor permission form, FERPA release, student rights acknowledgement, etc.).
  • Review DSPS website for accommodations, services, policies and procedures.
  • Contact DSPS to schedule an appointment with the Faculty Coordinator/LD Specialist or the DSPS Counselor to review DSPS guidelines for appropriate documentation and qualifying criteria.
  • Submit current professional documentation of disability with a Disabilities Verification Form. Pick up forms at DSPS office or on the DSPS Forms Page.
  • If qualifying criteria is met, schedule an appointment to register with DSPS and to discuss appropriate accommodations and services. The Special Programs front desk will contact you to schedule a registration appointment once the necessary documentation has been reviewed and accepted.
  • Meet with the Faculty Coordinator and/or DSPS counselor to establish a Student Educational Contract and Educational Plan.
  • ยท Schedule an appointment with your rehabilitation counselor, if necessary. Keep your counselor fully informed of dates, costs, and other college requirements.
  • If you are eligible for campus transportation, complete a Tram Request Form on the DSPS Mobility Assistance website.
  • If you are eligible for testing accommodations, complete a Test Accommodation Request Form for each test to be taken. These forms can be found at the DSPS/EOPS Front Office. Submit forms by designated deadlines (at least 48 hours in advance) in order to receive accommodations.
  • Meet regularly with DSPS staff member to maintain open lines of communication and to ensure provision of accommodations.
  • Watch for DSPS announcements and policy and procedures updates on the Columbia College DSPS website.

NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to arrange for certain services which are outside the scope of the Disability Services Center. These services include but are not limited to: attendant care, mobility training and sources of financial aid.

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