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Our mobility assistance Tram service accommodates individuals who find the hilly terrain and numerous stairs at Columbia College difficult or impossible to walk or wheel. DMV placard holders may park in the spaces designated for them and receive rides from there as needed. Transport is also available from parking lots for students who have temporary or chronic mobility issues not severe enough to warrant qualification for a DMV placard.

The regulations, which govern all services provided by the Disabled Student Programs and Services Department, require that each student with disabilities have a current verification of his/her disability on file in our office. Please fill out and return the Student Data, Consent for Release of Information and Disability Verification forms so we can contact the appropriate professional to verify your condition.

The Request Form (found at the link below) must also be filled out as accurately as possible for us to be able to provide transportation assistance. If you need an unscheduled ride, call ahead as early as possible to arrange for a pick-up.

Failure to meet the tram three (3) times for a scheduled ride without notifying the DSPS office may result in discontinuation of service.

Mobility Assistant:  Joseph Harrington 

  • Office: 588-5362
  • Tram Desk: 588-5131
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