Priority Registration

DSPS offers early, or "priority" registration to students with verified disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Program

Provides academic support for those with professionally verified learning disability, including individual assessment review/evaluation, individualized learning strategies to remediate or compensate for basic skill deficits, test facilitation, other in-class accommodations as needed. Tutoring may be offered by specially trained staff and students for general educational and vocational college coursework.

High Tech Center

The High Tech Center gives disabled students access to and training on adapted computer hardware and software, especially for the visually, learning and mobility impaired. The many software applications are intended to increase skill levels in reading, writing and math.

Special Instruction

Special instruction in adaptive physical education, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, and computer access are offered on a semester basis.

Alternate Media Format

All Columbia College publications and institutional materials are in alternate formats and available through the DSPS Office for those who qualify. These formats are used for helping you in your courses by transforming your text books, syllabus, handouts, tests, and assignments. They may include but are not limited to; Braille, Large Text, Audio files, talking calculators, screen readers, screen magnifiers, and accessible computer stations throughout the campus.

Adaptive Physical Education

A secondary prevention program designed for patients with angina pectoris, healed myocardial infarctions, or post-cardiac surgical referrals whose functional capacity is relatively uncompromised. Primary physician referral required. (CSU)

Real Time Captioning

Real Time Captioning for the classroom is available to those who qualify. You must meet with a DSPS counselor and have been approved by the Dean Of Special Programs to have this service available to you.

Mobility Assistance

The campus tram is available Monday through Friday for those who qualify. Visit the Columbia College Mobility Assistance link for more information.

Test Facilitation

Testing facilities, including extended time, quiet rooms, proctoring, and modification of tests and test administration, are available for those who qualify. See your DSPS counselor for approval and verification for this service.

To request a test facilitation, please use the Request Test Facilitation Form on the left hand side of this page under Request Services. 


This course is designed to provide access to and instruction of specialized computer programs for students with verified learning, developmental, or physical disabilities. Students will work in one or more areas, including adaptive typing and word processing, fundamental academic skills such as reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and mathematics. An introduction to the internet will also be provided with exercises demonstrated in alternate media. This is a hybrid course.

Note Taking Services

Students may receive note taking services if referred by their DSPS Counselor. Students who qualify need to complete the Request for Note Taker Form. A DSPS staff member will contact the student once the form is received. 

Students who are interested in becoming a note taker need to complete the Note Taker Application. 

Additional Services

Vocational counseling, academic advising, special equipment loan, liaison with campus and community resources, and assistance with registration are among the additional services for students with disabilities.

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