Institutional Effectiveness Council - IEC Institutional Effectiveness Council - IEC

Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC) Members

Brian Sanders  Vice President of Instruction  Chair
Jeff Tolhurst  GIS/Earth Science  Co-Chair
Matt Connot  Research Analyst  Classified
Cory Stoneham  Transportation  Classified
Benjamin Marcus  Research and Planning  LTAC
Doreen Bass  Instruc.Support Spec.  Classified 
Elissa Creighton  Curriculum Process Specialist  Classified
Jill Olson  CalWORKS Coordinator/Counselor  Faculty
Katherine Schultz  Curriculum Chair/Computer Science  Faculty
Lindsay Laney  Academic Achievement Coordinator  Faculty
Colin Thomas  Instructor - Chemistry  Faculty
Pam Guerra-Schmidt  Academic Senate Pres/Instructor-Child Development  Faculty
Raelene Juarez  Dean of Arts,Sciences and HP  LTAC
Jessica Anselmi  Admin. Secretary  Classified
Jaron Johnston  ASCC Representative  Student
Thomasine Lane  ASCC Representative  Student
Cindy Inwood  Exec. Secretary  Recorder


YCCD Strategic Professional Development

The college has identified several sources of funds for professional development for faculty, professioanl support staff and administrators. Professional Development is strategically and frequently offered for staff, faculty and administrators and is aligned with the college's strategic goals, needs and priorities identified in integrated plans, program review, and other intentional processes. Many of these professional developed opportunities are funded by Guided Pathways. Some of these projects include but are not limited to:

An online submission form will soon be created for conference attendance or independent projects.  Approval must be obtained in advance to access professional development funds.  Upon approval, the funds may be expended through direct payments (reimbursed by receipt) and/or normal district pre-pay and purchasing procedures.  While there is no cost limit per project or conference, applicants should review the overall budget and submit reasonable requests.

The YFA Contract includes YCCD-YFA Approved Guidelines for Professional Improvement information and request forms.

Faculty must obtain approval before engaging in Professional Improvement activities to count those hours toward pay column advancement.

Take advantage of some great professional development opportunities that exist through Columbia College's Online Learning. Earn a Skills Attainment Certificate in Learning Design and Technology. Required courses are as follows:

Stipend opportunity for Faculty!  A message from the CC Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Brian Sanders.


YCCD Staff Reimbursement

The purpose of the YCCD Staff Fee Reimbursement Program is to provide support and encouragement for the continuing education of YCCD staff, including classified, faculty, and management. Applicable courses include those which meet any one of the following criteria:

  • The class is a part of a plan leading to a certificate
  • The class is applicable to a degree program
  • The class will enhance the staff member's contribution to the college/district

In addition, the course must be offered for credit by a college of YCCD and be completed with a grade of "CR" or better.  Application for Fee Reimbursement  (Appendix C-Forms)

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