Student Academic Resources Student Academic Resources

Campus Services that Support Student Success

Academic Achievement Center  (AAC)           588-5088         Tamarack, 2nd Floor

  • Free peer tutoring for registered students in most subjects and study skills
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI); group tutoring and review led by specially trained tutors
  • Computers with free printing & study area for individuals and groups

CalWORKs                                                         588-5148            Upper Manzanita

  • Assistance with textbooks, childcare, and transportation for eligible students
  • Counseling services and academic/personal enrichment workshops

Counseling                                                       588-5109             Upper Manzanita

  • Academic, career, and personal counseling for general students

Disability Services (DSPS)                            588-5130              Upper Manzanita

  • Serves students with verified disabilities that limit the educational process
  • Academic, career, and personal counseling for DSPS students
  • Specialized academic assistance and mobilityassistance in accessing educational facilities & resources
  • High Tech Center, alternate media and adaptive computer equipment

EOPS/CARE                                                    588-5130              Upper Manzanita

  • Academic, career, personal counseling and academic/career workshops
  • Priority Registration, textbook and parking permit or bus pass cost assistance
  • CARE services include help with child care costs, meals, texts, and transportation

Financial Aid                                                  588-5105               Upper Manzanita

  • Information about student financial aid, scholarships and veterans services


Health Services                                             588-5204                 Pinyon     

  • A registered nurse and mental health counselor offer services to enrolled students
  • Health supplies and info on free and low cost community health care
  • Reference books, pamphlets, and resting cot

Library Services                                          588-5119                  Tamarack Hall

  • Print and electronic resources for academic research
  • Librarian assistance with conducting research and accessing library resources
  • Computers and study rooms available for student use

Math Resource Center   (Math Lab)             588-5276                Sequoia

  • Tutorial assistance by staff & instructors in all math courses; centrally located near math faculty offices
  • Computers, graphing calculators, current math textbooks, and other resources for student use

Student Employment Services                                                    Upper Manzanita

  • Job Placement Services (588-5312) provides employment opportunities for current students

TRiO Student Support Services               588-5145                  Upper Manzanita

  • Intensive academic, career, and transfer counseling/step-by-step advising
  • Peer mentoring groups, priority registration, and field trips to 4-year universities
  • Specialized workshops for scholarships and financial literacy
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