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How can the AAC support YOU?


  • Free peer tutoring in the course you teach
    • SI Program for courses
    • Peer assisted weekly study sessions
  • Embedded Tutors
    • Tutor is in your course to assist students
  • Online Tutoring
    • NetTutor is accessed through Canvas so students have an easy point of entry (no additional sign on needed).

  • Stamp Assignment
    • Ask students to meet with an AAC as part of an assignment
    • Especially courses that don't have English prerequisites
    • Tutors offer feedback on content, organization & structure, formatting, and proper citations.
    • Please email Lindsay Laney Faculty Coordinator when planning to assign your first stamp.
  • Tutor Class Visits
    • Have a tutor visit your class to present information on a study skill
  • Office Hours
    • A place to meet with your students

How can YOU support the AAC?

  • Suggest/require students to use the AAC
    • Bring your class on an AAC "field trip" to learn about AAC services
    • Students learn the location and see the AAC in action
  • Have a tutor come to your class to present the AAC
    • Students get to meet a tutor and ask questions
  • Include a write-up about the AAC in your syllabus
  • Recommend and recruit tutors
    • We are always looking for qualified tutors!
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