Job Placement Services Job Placement Services

Job Placement

The Columbia College Job Placement Office offers free employment assistance to all students. The office serves as a source of information on jobs available in the local community and on-campus.

  • Referrals to off-campus job openings. (Paid part-time and full-time career opportunities.)
  • Referrals to on-campus openings.
  • Access to our job search library.
  • On-campus interviews by some employers.
  • Job Search workshop. Covered are such topics as resume writing, cover letters, job interview techniques, and more.
  • Individual job search assistance

Mission Statement

"Columbia College's Job Placement Services mission is to assist students in bridging the gap between education and employment. We strive to connect students with jobs ranging from temporary employment to careers in their majors, and to assist students, staff and faculty professionally and knowledgeably."

Statement of Policy

The Columbia College Job Placement Services Office does not accept or list any job opportunity that discriminates against sex, race, color, age, national origin religion, or handicap.

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