Student FAQ's due to COVID-19 Campus Closure

Columbia College COVID-19 FAQ’s for Students. Updated 1/11/2021


Q: Is the campus closed?

A: The campus has restricted access at this time. Classes are primarily remote learning, with the exception of some lab classes.

Q: Do I have to wear a mask?

A: Yes. If an accommodation is needed, please contact Sean Osborn,  DSPS Coordinator at or 209-588-5134. There are no accommodations which will allow you to be on campus without some form of appropriate face covering.

Q:  Is the food bank open?

A: The food bank is temporarily closed until further notice due to Tuolumne County being placed on purple tier status. Please contact Mike Igoe for immediate assistance or (209) 588-5236.

Q:  Are parking permits required for students?

A:  Parking permits are not currently required for students. 

Q: Can I still meet with my tutor?

A: Academic Achievement Center is available to help online

Current Schedule for Embedded Tutoring Sessions

If there is an embedded tutor in your class please contact them for information on additional tutoring sessions.  

Current Schedule for Appointment based tutoring  Please note you can look at the schedule by tutor or by subject. 

For other needs please email, please include the subject you are requesting help for and times that you are available for tutoring. The instructional Technician will be in touch within one business day to set up the appointment with an available tutor. 

FREE Online Tutoring is offered to all students through NetTutor. For detailed information on how to sign in click here.  More information  available here.

Q: I am on academic/progress probation/disqualification, how will I register for classes if the admissions office is closed?

 A: You may meet with a counselor by phone or video conferencing (Zoom). Contact the Counseling Office at (209) 588-5109 for an appointment or schedule an appointment directly with your counselor  here Your counselor can walk you through the process.

Q: Who should I contact if I am experiencing technical difficulties?

 A: Email the IT Service Desk at  for call 209-575-7800, or if related to your Canvas course, contact your professor at the email provided on your syllabus.

Q: Who do I contact in order to schedule a counseling appointment?

A: Students can call (209) 588-5109 in order to schedule a remote counseling appointment or schedule an appointment directly with their counselor here.

Q: Can I still meet with the Career Center staff?

A: Career center meetings will still take place over phone or video. Here is a link to the career & job placement website:

How to schedule a career center meeting: 

  • Students can go into Starfish, select career services, and sign up for a time that works best for them.
  • Students can email .
  • Students can click on this link , which will take them directly to book a career center meeting in starfish. 

Here is a video about online career service access and how to book a meeting.

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