Student FAQs due to COVID-19

Columbia College COVID-19 FAQ’s for Students. Updated 11/7/2022

Q: Is the campus open?

A: The campus is open Monday through Friday, closed all Federal Holidays for the Fall Semester. 

Q: Do I have to wear a mask, get tested/vaccinated or social distance? What COVID Protocols are in place?

A: Columbia College COVID Safety protocols are based on local, State and CDC restrictions and recommendations.

Masks are optional and 6 ft social distancing is requested. If a mask accommodation is needed, please contact Sean Osborn,  DSPS Coordinator at or 209-588-5134. 

  • Vaccinations are highly encouraged but not currently required.

  • Additional air purifiers have been placed in buildings for added safety. 

Q: Are the food pantry or other food services (Cafe, Bistro) open?

A: Yes, please visit the Food Resources webpage (link) for up-to-date information.

Q:  Are parking permits required for students?

A:  Parking permits are not currently required in student parking lots. 

Q: The Bookstore on Campus is Closed - How do I get my books?

A: We now have a virtual Barnes and Noble College Bookstore webpage (link).

Q: Can I still meet with my tutor?

A: The  Academic Achievement Center is offering free FACE-TO-FACE and ONLINE peer tutoring this semester!

Students who meet with tutors often receive higher grades and are more connected to the college and its resources.  Tutoring is for EVERYONE, regardless of course, grades, or experience as a student.  Peer tutors are students who have taken the same courses at Columbia. Please visit the Academic Achievement Center webpage (link).

Check out this short video about the AAC (youtube link).

Q: I am on academic or progress probation or dismissal status. How will I register for classes?

 A: For details on probation and dismissal status, visit the Probation webpage (link).

If you are on Probation, you will need to complete the Student Success Workshop, for which a link has been provided in the letter sent to your student email. Once completed, you may meet with a counselor remotely to review your academic plan. Contact the Counseling Office at (209) 588-5109 for an appointment or schedule an appointment directly with your counselor via our Counseling webpage (link) .

If you are on Dismissal, please refer to the appeal process if you feel that extenuating circumstances should permit your enrollment in the upcoming semester. Contact the Counseling Office at (209) 588-5109 for an appointment  or schedule an appointment directly with your counselor via our Counseling webpage (link) .

Q: Who should I contact if I am experiencing technical difficulties?

 A: Email the IT Service Desk at or call 209-575-7800.  If related to your Canvas course, contact your professor at the email provided on your syllabus.

Q: Who do I contact in order to schedule a counseling appointment?

A: Students can call (209) 588-5109 in order to schedule a remote counseling appointment or schedule an appointment directly with their counselor via our Counseling webpage (link).

Q: How do I reach my professor if the class is not in Canvas?

A: You can email your Instructor using the Faculty Search (link) page. Also, check that you are enrolled in the course HERE (link) (open YOUR personal class schedule in ConnectColumbia), then review the type of course, and then attend accordingly.

Q: How do I get online if I don’t have good internet at home?

A: There are multiple resources for you:

  • Reserve a hotspot (mobile wifi device) from the Library. Visit the library remote services webpage (link), or email the Librarian Still have questions? Call (209) 588-5179 to ask for assistance from Library staff. 
  • Wi-Fi is now expanded to the Oak student parking lot. Students may use the Wi-Fi signal from anywhere on campus.

Q: How do I request supplies from the Library (loans for laptops, hotspots(wifi), calculators, books, etc.)?

A: Information and continued remote services are always available  via the library webpage (link)

Q: What if I haven’t received my financial aid yet? How do I contact Financial Aid?

A: Email (all emails must be sent from your student email account) or

  • Leave a phone message for your Financial Aid Technician (Your email and phone calls will be returned within 24 to 48 business hours):
    • Last Names A-L  (209) 588-5105
    • Last Names M-Z (209) 588-5272

Q: Can I still meet with the Career Center staff?

A: Career center meetings still take place in person or remote. Visit the Career & Job Placement website (link)

How to schedule a Career Center meeting: 

  • Students can go into Starfish, select career services, and sign up for a time that works best for them;
  • Students can email;
  • Students can click on this link, which will take them directly to book a career center meeting in starfish. 

Here is a video about online career service access and how to book a meeting.

Q: Can I still make a Mental Health or Health Services appointment?

A: Please visit our Health Services webpage (link) and Mental Health Services webpage (link) pages for details. The On-campus Health Services are not available, yet Mental Health services are open!

    • Adventist Health Advice Nurse, Call Center for COVID-19: (844) 542-8840 Monday - Friday 7am-7pm
    • Tuolumne County Public Health COVID-19 Call Center for community concerns: (209) 533-7440 Monday - Friday 9am-6pm  

Q: Is there bus service still to/from the college campus?

A: Yes, both Tuolumne and Calaveras services are still running to the college. A valid Student ID with current sticker is required for free shuttle services. Students can come by the Library in person Monday – Thursday, 8:00 am – 7:30 pm, and Friday 8:00 am-noon , or email a request along with a photo to to get a Student ID.

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