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Due to COVID-19, Counselors will be available to meet with students remotely, either online or by phone. Please feel free to reach out to us for any support that we can provide for your personal and academic wellness during this challenging time.

Columbia College Counseling Department is dedicated to student success. Our mission is to provide quality services in a supportive environment that assists students in identifying and achieving their educational, career and personal development.

How to access a Counselor:

Educational Counseling is designed to:

  • Orient students to the college and requirements related to their programs of study
  • Help students make decisions about educational and career goals
  • Provide academic planning for Certificates, Associate Degrees, and/or university transfer
  • Help students evaluate current academic readiness and plan appropriate coursework
  • Assist students to use campus services and resources
  • Review transcripts from other institutions for credit applied to Certificates and Degrees at Columbia College
  • Teach students important skills, strategies, and techniques to enhance academic success
  • Work with students to resolve personal concerns that may interfere with the ability to succeed

Note: It is highly recommended to meet with a Counselor at least once a semester to discuss progress toward your academic goals, develop or update your Educational Plan (Ed Plan), and learn about important services that enhance student success.

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