Financial Aid Emergency Grant

Have you had an unexpected expense or major life event causing you to think about dropping or reducing units?

The Financial Aid Office has Emergency Grant funding available to help you stay enrolled! The goal is to provide immediate, short-term assistance to help students stabilize their situation or recover from the emergency, and continue on their journey of educational success.

Requirements to Qualify

  • Must demonstrate exceptional need resulting from a sudden, unexpected emergency, that will interfere with your courses during Spring 2022.
  • Be currently enrolled in at least three units at a Columbia College.
  • Have an active preference chosen through the BankMobile system.
  • Must provide documentation for financial emergency (ex. copy of overdue bill, medical bills, etc)

Emergency Grant Guidelines

  • Grant awards will range between $250 to $1,000
  • Award amounts will be decided based on financial need, statement, documentation provided, and funding availability.
  • Processing time is approximately 2-3 weeks and may be delayed if sufficient documentation is not provided.
  • Students can qualify for both the Financial Aid Emergency Grant and the *Foundation Emergency Grant as well.
  • Funding is limited and will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  • Student may only receive the Emergency Grant once a semester.

*For further information regarding the Columbia College Foundation Emergency Grant, contact:

Amy Nilson:  (209) 588-5055                                                                                                                                Cindy Kositsky:  (209) 588-5065


To complete the application, log in using your student assigned email. Answer ALL questions, type your detailed statement and attach any necessary documentation.


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