Services for Current and Former Foster Youth Services for Current and Former Foster Youth

Columbia College recognizes that students who have been, or are in, the foster care system often face significant challenges compared to those who have been raised in more traditional environments. In order to support current or former foster youth to overcome these challenges and reach their educational goal the College offers a variety of support services for current and former foster youth.

Support for Foster Youth

Current and former foster youth have access to a designated foster youth counselor and may also qualify for a number of additional services such as:

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Transportation support (Gas cards, bus passes, etc.)
  • Book vouchers
  • Access to a food closet
  • Priority consideration for the EOP&S Program
  • Financial Aid support and assistance

Current and former foster youth are also encouraged to participate in "Overcome", a student group devoted to supporting current and former foster youth build connection and community.. Lunch is provided for participants. 

The Foster Youth Program also partners with a number of local and regional public, private and tribal agencies that serve those who have been in the foster care system.  As student needs are identified, students are referred to on and off campus sources of support as necessary.

For more information about services for foster youth please call 209.588.5130.  Additionally, foster youth and their advocates are encouraged to visit the "Mother Lode Foster Youth Support" page on Facebook for additional information about support for local foster youth in higher education.

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