Cal Fresh

Cal Fresh (formerly known as Food Stamps)

Essentially, it's a free debit card for groceries.

CalFresh is a California financial aid program that helps students buy food and eat healthier. It won't affect your existing financial aid and you don't need your parent's tax return information to apply.

Who qualifies?

2 in 5 students are eligible for CalFresh. The average eligible student gets $150 per month.

In CalFresh, a household is a group of people who regularly buy and eat food together. The people in a household do not have to be related to each other. Households can be as small as one person, the same address can have more than one household, and you don't need to have a home to receive CalFresh.

If someone in your household has a social security number and your monthly income before taxes is less than the amount allowed, you may qualify for CalFresh.


You can apply online or in person.

For more information about CalFresh for students, visit:

You can apply online or in person.

 Apply Online


It takes just a couple of minutes to check your eligibility and apply. You'll get a call from CalFresh in a couple of days to verify your situation. If approved, you'll get money within 30 days.


Apply In Person (click link for more information)

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