What is Articulation?

Articulation refers to the process of developing formal, written agreements that identify comparable courses, or sequences of courses, at two institutions. Columbia College maintains articulation with the California State University and the University of California. The Course Identification Numbering Project (C-ID) is a type of articulation that insures that similar courses at different California Community Colleges are given the same C-ID number. Articulation agreements between the college and the CSU/UC, as well as the college's C-ID approved courses are published in ASSIST (www.assist.org).

How does Articulation benefit students and faculty?

Establishing articulation between institutions assures the community college student that they are taking the right course(s). C-ID numbers help students identify comparable courses at different community colleges even when the courses have different titles and numbers. Successful completion of an articulated course assures the student and the faculty that the student has received the necessary instruction and preparation at the "sending" institution to be able to successfully transfer to the "receiving" institution. In summary, articulated courses help students make better course choices so that they are able to move toward their education goals more quickly and with less expense.

Helpful Articulation Resources:

  • Articulation agreements between Columbia College and the CSU/UC, as well as the college's C-ID approved courses are published in ASSIST: www.assist.org
  • Comparable coursework between local schools (CSU Stanislaus, Delta College, Modesto Junior College, Merced College and Columbia College) for general education coursework as well as particular major prep for specific programs: www.csustan.edu/heccc
  • Equivalent courses between Columbia College and Modesto Junior College: Columbia College catalog.
  • Credit by Exams @ CSU
  • Advanced Placement (AP) CLEP (College Level Examination Program), and IB (International Bachelor) @ Columbia College as well as CSU and UC.
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