Note: All 2022 eLumen submissions become effective Fall 2023.

eLumen Training Materials

The most important thing to know about the eLumen curriculum module is that it is based on roles. As a faculty using this module, you will use the Discipline Originator Role to submit new courses/awards, modifications or deactivations in your discipline(s) and the Faculty Role to review new courses/awards, modifications, or deactivations submitted by other faculty in your discipline(s).

Below you'll find videos for each step of a workflow for both the Discipline Originator Role and for the Faculty Role. Before watching the role-specific videos, make sure to watch the General eLumen Training Videos as you will need a basic understanding of eLumen before jumping into workflows.

For eLumen HELP and Training
It's okay to ask for help! Contact Elissa Creighton, Curriculum Specialist: 209-588- 5141 or ) for questions, issues, and training.

General eLumen Training Videos

Watch these videos first (before watching role-specific videos below).
How to Log In to eLumen
Roles Assigned to Faculty in eLumen
Step View vs. Outline View
How to Pull a COR or POR
How to View a Change Report (run this report before reviewing a course to compare what's changed)

Discipline Originator Role Videos

Watch these videos to learn how to complete each step of a workflow using the Discipline Originator Role.
Initiating a Course Workflow (initiating a workflow for a new course/course mod)
Cover Step
Course Options Step
Units and Hours Step
Requisites Step
Specifications Step
Learning Outcomes Step
Curriculum Map Step
Outline Step
DE Addendum Step
Submitting a Proposal into Stage Two
Course Deactivations: Initiating a Course Deactivation Proposal

Initiating an Award Workflow Important! Watch this video to get started but contact Elissa Creighton x5141 before submitting your first award workflow. 

Faculty Role Videos

Watch these videos to learn how to review each step of a course workflow using the Faculty Role.
How to View a Change Report (run this report before reviewing a course to compare what's changed)
Getting Started on Reviewing a Proposal
Cover Step Review
Course Options Step Review
Units and Hours Step Review
Requisites Step Review
Specifications Step Review
Learning Outcomes Step Review
Curriculum Map Step Review
Outline Step Review
DE Addendum Step Review
Finishing and Submitting Your Review
Course Deactivations: Reviewing a Course Deactivation
Initiating Review of an Award Proposal
Reviewing an Award Proposal

Curriculum Committee Trainings

These materials are for Curriculum Committee members. 
Powerpoint PDF - Curriculum Committee Member Training from eLumen Representative
eLumen Training for Curriculum Committee (3/10/21)
Curriculum Staff - Train the Trainers (eLumen Curriculum Module overview video)

SLO Assessment Training

This video covers how to submit an SLO Assessment
SLO Assessment Step-by-Step Training
OU Campus Login