eLumen Training Materials

IMPORTANT: Due to a deluge of curriculum work in response to recent legislation, the Curriculum Committee has created a FA24 Curriculum Prioritization. The deadline for the 2025-26 catalog is March 1, 2024. After this date, all 5 year reviews and other curriculum work not on the prioritization list will resume in Spring 2025. 

eLumen is based on roles: Faculty using the eLumen Curriculum Module will use the Discipline Originator Role to submit  curriculum (new/modified/deactivated courses/awards) and the Faculty Role to review curriculum (new/modified/deactivated courses/awards) submitted by other faculty in the same discipline(s).

Auto-generated eLumen Emails:  eLumen sends emails alerting faculty that curriculum is ready for review as it moves through the review process. When reviewing these emails, faculty should take note which role is receiving the notification: Discipline Originator or Faculty role. Discipline Originators are not expected to use the Faculty role to review their own submissions. Likewise, faculty who have not submitted a workflow should not use the Discipline Originator role for that workflow.

General eLumen Training Videos

Before watching role-specific videos, watch these general videos for a basic understanding of eLumen:
How to Log In to eLumen
Roles Assigned to Faculty in eLumen
Step View vs. Outline View
How to Pull a COR or POR
How to View and Use a Change Report (run this report before reviewing a course to see what's been changed)
How to Clear an eLumen "Authentication Error"

Discipline Originator Role Videos

Watch these videos to learn about each step of a workflow using the Discipline Originator role.
NOTE: Workflows submitted through October 2025 become effective FA25 and will be included in the 2025-26 catalog. 

Five-Year Review: Discipline Originators submitting a course/award for Five-Year Review must review/update all steps of course/award workflows. Watch the training videos below to get started. Course and Award Five-Year Review trackers are linked in the "Curriculum Resources" sidebar on the Curriculum Committee homepage. For a list of all Course Steps/Parts and their definitions/directions, check out the Columbia eLumen Course Workflow Guide.

Initiating a Course Workflow (new course or course mod) Initiating an Award Workflow (new award or award mod)
Cover Step Cover Info and Labor Market Steps
Course Options Step Course Blocks Step
Units and Hours Step Recommended Sequence Step (skip this step!)
Requisites Step Learning Outcomes Step (Mapping CSLOs to PSLOs)
Specifications Step Program Narrative Step
Learning Outcomes Step
Submitting an Award Workflow
Curriculum Map Step  
Outline Step  
DE Addendum Step  
Submitting a Workflow  
Reviewing & Responding to Curriculum Committee Comments  
Course Deactivations: Initiating a Course Deactivation Award Deactivations: Initiating an Award Deactivation

Faculty Role Videos

Watch these videos to learn how to review each step of a workflow using the Faculty Role.

Getting Started on Reviewing a Course Proposal Reviewing and Submitting Review of an Award Workflow (covers all steps)
Cover Step Review  
Options Step Review  
Units and Hours Step Review  
Requisites Step Review  
Specifications Step Review  
Learning Outcomes Step Review  
Curriculum Map Step Review  
Outline Step Review  
DE Addendum Step Review  
Finishing and Submitting Your Course Review  
Course Deactivations: Reviewing a Course Deactivation Award Deactivations: Reviewing an Award Deactivation

Curriculum Committee Training

Committee members can watch Faculty role videos to learn how to review workflows. Additional resources:

Curriculum Guidelines, Policy and Procedure
Workflow Stages and Roles
eLumen Course Workflow Guide
OU Campus Login