Student Learning Outcomes/Program Review Student Learning Outcomes/Program Review


Committee Chair(s): Vice President of Instruction and SLOPR Coordinator

Purpose: The Student Learning Outcomes and Program Review (SLOPR) Committee facilitates continuing SLO assessment and program review processes and dialogue across the institution. The committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators and includes a student representative, College Researcher, SLOPR Coordinator, and Vice President of Instruction. The SLOPR Committee ensures that program reviews are informed by meaningful analysis of assessments of course SLOs (CSLO) and program SLOs (PSLO), that they result in thoughtful reflection and meaningful improvements to improve student and institutional success, and that they capture resource requests on an annual basis to serve as a foundation of the resource allocation process for the college. When necessary, the SLOPR Committee will review and propose revisions to the college-wide institutional SLOs (ISLOs).

The SLOPR Coordinator serves as a voting member of the Curriculum Committee, collaborating with faculty in each area to align their work with standards established by the SLOPR Committee as curriculum is added, revised, and discontinued.  The Coordinator holds the primary responsibility to review all CSLOs and PSLOs for alignment with established standards, style, voicing, and mappings and ensure their currency.

Specific activities of the SLOPR Committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring that departments continue to follow the established Synchronized Program Review and SLO Cycles schedule (example below)
  • SLO Matters
    • Develop and refine integrated Course, Program, and Institution-Level Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs, PSLOs, and ISLOs)
    • Develop methods to synthesize assessment results, use them for program improvement and attribute recommended changes to assessments
    • Train, mentor faculty and departments, and host work sessions on SLO assessment and utilization of results for program improvement
    • Establish and monitor the college-wide CSLO assessment plan
    • Develop expectations for and train faculty to perform mappings of CSLOs to PSLOs and CSLOs to ISLOs
    • Facilitate mappings in areas with no full-time faculty
  • Program Review Matters
    • Develop and oversee meaningful, robust, but straightforward program review templates or systems for instructional, student services, and administrative program reviews.
    • Implement the college’s four-year, cyclical program review plan with assistance from the Research and Planning Office
    • Train, mentor, and host work sessions with faculty to assist in cyclically completing their program reviews and annually updating their resource requests
    • Facilitate program review and resource requests in areas without full-time faculty

Special Guidelines, Parameters, and/or Resources:

  • The SLOPR Committee promotes a culture of meaningful use of SLOs and Program Review for improvement and one of annually gathering and transparently prioritizing department-level resource needs across the college.
  • The SLOPR webpage provides guidelines, parameters, and/or resources that guide the SLOPR Committee and college.

Meeting Schedule: Monthly (bi-weekly if needed).

How Work Is Communicated: Website, Academic Senate, College Council, regular report to Institutional Effectiveness Council, and email communication.

Recommendations Go To: Academic Senate, Institutional Effectiveness Council, and/or College Council depending on the issue at hand.

Agendas and Minutes: Posted to BoardDocs.


  • Vice President of Instruction
  • Faculty SLOPR Coordinator
  • Dean of Arts, Sciences, and Human Performance
  • Dean of Career Technical Education
  • Dean of Student Services
  • Director of Research & Planning
  • Three faculty representatives appointed by the Academic Senate, one from each division.

Example, to be updated at least every four years:

Assessment Cycle Example


SLOPR Representation

Raelene Juarez Vice President of Instruction Co-Chair
Rebecca Slate SLOPR Coordinator Co-Chair
Matt Connot Research Analyst Classified
TBD College Research and Planning LTAC
Kim Pippa-Tonnesen   Faculty/ASHP
Adrienne Seegers   Faculty/CTE
Lahna VonEpps Academic Senate President Faculty/Liaison
Sean Osborn Dean of ASHP LTAC
Mike Igoe Dean of SS LTAC
Steve Amador Dean of CTE LTAC
  ASCC Representative Student
  ASCC Representative Student
TBD Executive Secretary/Instruction Office Admin Classified
TBD Administrative Secretary/Instruction Office Classified / Recorder Minutes
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