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General Counseling Questions

How can I contact a counselor?

Four options are available for connecting with a counselor. You can make a face-to-face appointment, use drop-in hours for quick questions, use the internet (E-Advising and Facebook) , or talk over the phone with a counselor. Refer to our appointment page for details and contact information.

What does a counselor do? Do I need to see one?

A counselor assists with academic advising, educational and career planning, transfer preparation, problem solving and decision making. Counselors offer guidance throughout the time you are enrolled at Columbia and it is recommended that you work with a counselor on a regular basis.

Am I assigned a particular counselor?

No, you may choose to meet with any of our counselors, as we do not assign counselors based on last name, major, grade level, etc. You can opt to stick with one counselor or meet with any counselor that is available. However, if you are in a special program, such as TRiO, EOPS/CARE, VA, or DSPS , we have assigned counselors for each of those programs and you'll want to meet with them for the specifications of your particular program. Also, if you have a signed probation/dismissal contract with a counselor, you must meet with that specific counselor until off academic status.

What should I bring with me when I see a counselor?

You will want to bring a list of questions and any paperwork you want to review with the counselor, including any transcripts from a previous college, if you have attended anywhere else. You can bring in unofficial copies (meaning not in a sealed envelope) or if they were already submitted officially to Admissions and Records, we'll have them available. If you are coming for an educational plan appointment, find the checklist here of how to prepare.

Can I talk to a counselor about personal topics? Will it remain confidential?

Yes, you can speak with a counselor about personal topics and it will remain confidential. They are also able to refer you to outside assistance if needed. Crisis and Mental Health Counseling is also available to Columbia College students for free through our Health Services department (located in Juniper 2 and by phone at 209-588-5204).

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