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Online Tutoring


Online tutoring is available to Columbia College students through an outside vendor, NetTutor!

Who are the tutors?

The tutors are subject matter experts with previous teaching or tutoring experience. They are full-time tutors, and all have at least a bachelor's degree; most also have post-graduate degrees. Tutor training is aligned to CRLA and ATP guidelines.

When are tutors available?

NetTutor offers live tutoring and asynchronous tutoring. Live tutor schedule varies by subject; that schedule is posted within NetTutor. Asynchronous tutoring provides one-day feedback to questions and two-days feedback (or less) for papers.

Live Tutoring schedule available here.

How do students access online tutoring?

Students can access NetTutor through any course in Canvas. If you are enrolled in SKLDV 410, the tutoring course, you can also access NetTutor there. To see instructions on how to use NetTutor's online tutoring watch this video: https://youtu.be/0tm1sNpcRQg

If you would like to check out NetTutor, here is the official NetTutor site: http://www.nettutor.com/

Here is an additional video from NetTutor about the specific tutoring features NetTutor offers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNK1A0GJROc

What if I experience technical issues logging into NetTutor?

For technical support, students should use the link to "Submit a Support Request" or call LSI at 813-674-0660 x 204 (M-F 6am-9pm, Sat &Sun 10am-4pm)

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More information for Faculty members click here.

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