Arts & Humanities

The arts and humanities are alive and well at Columbia College! In the studio and performing arts, we offer classes like drawing, painting, photography in film, digital or field, introduction to drama and oral interpretation and expression, as well as music theory and performance with voice or instruments. Our humanities courses include courses that help students explore human cultures, religions, languages and philosophy.

Programs of Study

  • Arts and Humanities (link to AA-Degree Advising Guide)
  • Media and Design
  • Music
  • Studio Arts
    • Art
    • Photography
  • Courses available (currently no degrees or certificate programs)
    • Drama (see class search for "DRAMA")
    • Foreign Languages (see class search for Spanish "SPAN" and American Sign Language "SIGN")
    • Humanities (see class search for "HUMAN")
    • Philosophy (see class search under "PHILO")

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Launchpad - Getting Started!

Here's a great first semester plan!

We call it a Launchpad... a group of classes that will get you exploring and moving toward your goals, even if you are still trying to figure out what those specific goals are!

Launchpad: Arts & Humanities (15)
  • ENGL 1A - English Composition (3)
  • GUIDE 18 - Life Skills for Higher Education (3)
  • MATH 6 - Math for Liberal Arts (3)
  • Art or Media General Ed (3)
    • Art 11 – History of Art: Ancient and Medieval
    • Art 12 – History of Art: Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern
    • Art 13 – Art of Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas
    • Art 15 – History of Graphic Design
  • Applied Art and Media (3-5)
    • Art 1 – Basic Freehand Drawing
    • Art 21A – Painting: Beginning
    • Art 43 – Digital Photography
    • Art 53/Media 10- Computer Graphics
    • Art, Digital Arts, Music, Humanities or Language class of choice 
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