Media & Design

Our Media and Design program offers a variety of multimedia, web development, and digital graphic courses designed to introduce students to cutting-edge multimedia tools and techniques. Students get hands-on experience with design in our new-state-of-the-art Mac Lab, iPads, industry-standard software, and video production equipment.

Core Media classes include:

  • Introduction to Digital Multimedia
  • Writing for Multimedia
  • Computer Graphics
  • Publication Design
  • Typography
  • Photo Editing for Digital and Print Publications
  • Film/Digital Photography
  • Video Production
  • Animation/3D Modeling/Compositing for Motion Graphics
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Contract Law
  • History of Graphic Design

Related electives include:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Preparing Effective Business Plans
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks
  • Introduction to HTML and CSS

Media Majors go into a variety of careers. Some examples are:

At the Certificate Level:
At the Associate's Level:
At the Bachelor's
Level or Beyond:
Video Editor Multimedia Technician Animator
Freelance Game Design Web and Multimedia Designer Graphic Designer
Freelance Web Design Desktop Publisher Digital Media Artist
Entrepreneur in Media Arts Social Media Technician Illustration
Publication design


Multimedia Writing/Editor

Please see a counselor for major preparation and general education that will best meet your specific goals.

AA-T/AS-T = Associate of Arts/Science Degree for Transfer Earned by completing requirements in the academic major, a transfer general education pattern, and a total of 60 transferable units that would be the typical first two years of a 4-year degree; provides a clear transfer pathway to CSU.
AA/AS = Associate of Arts/Science Degree Earned by completing requirements in the academic major, a general education pattern, and a total of 60 degree-applicable units.
COA = Certificate of Achievement Formally recognizes a student’s competence in a program of study and prepares students for employment in a career/technical field. Also available for completion of a General Education Pattern for transfer. Will appear on the student’s academic transcript.
SAC = Skills Attainment Certificate Prepares students for employment with experience in specific career/technical fields. Do not appear on official transcripts.
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