Communication Studies

The Communication Studies program is designed to increase student skills in verbal communication and public speaking, analysis and listening, interpersonal relationships, teamwork, leadership, motivation, initiative, and appreciation of diversity.

Core Communication Studies classes include:

  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Argumentation and Debate
  • Introduction to Small Group and Team Communication

Related electives include:

  • Oral Expression & Interpretation
  • Introduction to Human Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Forensics Workshop
  • Cultural Anthropology

Communication Majors go into a variety of careers. Some examples are:

At the Associates Level:
At the Bachelors Level:
At the Masters/Doctorate Level:


Public Relations Specialist

Speech & Language Pathologist

Broadcast Technician


College Professor


Non-Profit Manager

Organizational Leadership

Public Relations Assistant

College Admissions Rep

Marketing & Advertising Strategist

Proof Reader

Advertising Copywriter

Public Information Officer


Human Resources

Fundraising Manager

Students successfully completing the Communication Studies Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) Degree have a solid foundation for pursuing further education in Communication Studies or a related field, This AA-T degree is specifically designed to streamline transfer to CSU, see for details. If you are interested in transfer to a UC, please refer to the UC Pathways website. See a counselor to determine which courses can best meet your goals.

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