The Music program at Columbia College provides students with a core curriculum of music theory, musicianship, private study and performance. The degree integrates music study, aural skills, writing and performance in order to foster artistic and critical thinking and a broad foundation of musical skill.

Core Music classes include:

  • Music Theory
  • Musicianship
  • Applied Music-Private Lessons
  • Performance Ensemble-Choir, Orchestra, etc.

Related electives include:

  • Piano
  • Music History
  • Survey of Music: Blues & Jazz to Rock n'Roll
  • Jazz Studies

Music Majors go into a variety of careers, some examples are:

At the Associates Level:
At the Bachelors Level:
At the Masters/Doctorate Level
Singer/Musician Music Educator (TK-12 w/credential) Composer
Artist Managers Music Director Orchestra Librarian
Accompanist Artist Scouting College Professor
Music Tutor Music Performance Music Publishing
Copyright Administrator

Recording Musician

Music/Copyright Attorney
Music Promoter

Music Production/Engineer

Music Therapist


Students successfully completing the Music Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) Degree have a solid foundation for pursuing further education in Music or a related field. This AA-T degree is specifically designed to streamline transfer to CSU, see for details. We also offer transfer preparation to UC system, as well as many private and out of state schools as well. Please see a counselor to determine the best route for your specific goals.

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