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Free Mental Health Counseling appointments are available Mon-Fri 
Call 588-

Evaluation of minor illness and injuries:  We provide lots of first aid for our campus community and evaluation of illnesses right in the office. If you need more than we offer on campus, we can refer you to a place in the community. We can help you make appointments, find addresses and phone numbers, help to get you where you need to go.
Mental Health Counselor: We have licensed counselors offering free, private and confidential counseling appointments on campus to registered students. They are available Monday thru Thursday. Come in to the Health Services Office or call 588-5204 to set up an appointment.
Information on health insurance: including medi-cal, county insurance, affordable care act and student health insurance plans.
Medications: Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, allergy meds, cough drops, hydrocortisone cream, antibiotic ointment, kleenex, Vit C and more over the counter medications are free to students at the health office.
Condoms: Condoms are free in the health office and on the BOB Health Van. More family planning services and supplies can be found at the local Tuolumne County Public Health Department through their Family PACT program. Call 533-7400 for more information.
• Vending Machines: There are two vending machines on campus that offer over the counter medications and condoms for a quarter. They are located in the Oak Pavilion lobby and in the Tamarack Library in the gallery lobby.
• Resting Area: We have a place in the health office to lie down and rest if you are not feeling well or need a short nap to make it through the day.
• Tuberculosis Skin Testing: Staff and students may find they need a tuberculosis (tb) skin test. These are offered Monday thru Wednesdays. Please plan to return two days after the initial test for the results to be read.
• Health Information: Health Services has a wealth of free information on a variety of health topics.
• Smoking Cessation:  Our College nurse is a certified smoking cessation counselor. Need help kicking the habit? Come make an appointment to get the best tips and information to make your quit day stick! Stop smoking kits are also available without an appointment.

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