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Rising Scholars Program (formerly ISP)

The Rising Scholars Program (RSP) at Columbia College, formerly known as ISP, exists to serve justice impacted students with targeted resources and provides a supportive and inclusive community. We serve juveniles and adults who have ever experienced an arrest, detainment, probation, or incarceration in our on-campus Rising Scholars Center. In addition, we also provide college courses and services to students currently residing at Sierra Conservation Center (SCC), Vallecito Conservation Camp, Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp, and Mother Lode Regional Juvenile Detention Facility. Our services are confidential, tailored to the needs of individuals, and are guided by the belief that every person has a right to quality education regardless of their personal background.

First Person Language Guide

Columbia College's Rising Scholars Program strives to use best practices in the way we interact with students who have been impacted by the justice system. One of those best practices is adapting the way we refer to our students. Below is a language guide provided by the Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates Network that our program has adopted.

Do Say Don't Say
Formerly incarcerated person or system impacted person Ex-or former: Offender, inmate, convicted felon
Person in recovery or who has overcome addiction Former drug addict
Incarcerated person Inmate, offender, prisoner
Criminal Legal System or Penal System Criminal Justice System
Person on parole or person under community supervision Parolee
Person recently released from prison Returning citizen
Students who are incarcerated Prisoner students


Faculty Resources

Underground Scholars Language Guide

An Educator's Guide to Prison

Summer 2021 ISP Correspondence Faculty Training

Fall 2022 ISP Faculty Training 

Spring 2023 ISP Faculty Training

Summer 2023 ISP Faculty Training

CDCR Canvas

Rising Scholars at Sierra Conservation Center now have laptops and have access to a CDCR version of Canvas. Please inquire with Kelsey about the process for getting cleared to start, restrictions of the CDCR Canvas instance, and course vetting to get started. 

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Rising Scholars Newsletters

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