Committee Membership Committee Membership

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Committee Chair

Alicia Kolstad
(209) 588-5333
Term ends at end of Spring 2025 semester

Voting Members

Curriculum Chair Designee
Erik Andal
(209) 588-5200
Term Dependent on Availability

Ashli Bumgardner
Distance Education (DE) Coordinator
(209) 588-5364

Juan Pablo Sanchez
Articulation Officer (AO)
(209) 588-5206

SLOPR Coordinator

Lahna VonEpps
Arts, Sciences, Human Performance (ASHP)
Faculty Representative
(209) 588-5147
Term ends at end of Spring 2024 semester

Marcus Whisenant
Career Technical Education (CTE)
Faculty Representative
(209) 588-5137
Term ends at end of Spring 2025 semester

Rebekah Rogers
Student Services (SS)
Faculty Representative
(209) 588-5134
Term ends at end of Spring 2026 semester

Erik Andal
Faculty-at-Large Representative
(209) 588-5200
Term ends at end of Spring 2025 semester

Non-Voting Members

Ty McCarthy
Faculty Intern


Raelene Juarez
Interim Vice-President of Instruction
(209) 588-5107

Dr. Melissa Raby 
Vice-President of Student Services
(209) 588-5132

Elissa Creighton
Curriculum Specialist, Instruction Office
(209) 588-5141

Alex Jukes
ASCC Student Representative
(209) 588-5385

Sean Osborn
Interim Dean of Arts,Sciences, Human Performance
(209) 588-5087

Michael Igoe
Dean of Student Services
(209) 588-5144

Marnie Shively
Director of Student Financial Services
(209) 588-5313

Lesley Michtavy
Director of Admissions & Records
(209) 588-5233

Jeri Pourchot
Meeting Recorder
Administrative Secretary, Instruction Office
(209) 588-5381

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