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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, access to Columbia College is restricted to students with in person labs and essential personnel only.  CTE Division employees are working remotely to serve students and our community.  To reach us, call (209) 588-5142 or email  

Program Overview

By enrolling in Columbia College's Office Technology program, you will be learning essential office skills that will prepare you for employment. But you'll also develop critical personal and professional skills such as effective oral and written communication techniques, teamwork strategies, supervisory tactics, time management, decision making, values and ethics, and conflict resolution.

Through our vetted curriculum, you'll gain valuable and marketable job skills, which are applicable to any office setting. We provide top-notch instruction with the tools of modern technology, as well as the basics of office procedures.

Career Training

Office jobs make up a staggering amount of the jobs available in today's marketplace. When you complete our program, you'll be well-prepared for a fruitful career in a variety of fields, such as private industries (administrative assistant, office manager, marketing and sales support, purchasing, executive assistant), medical industry (transcription, front office, pre-med, pre-nursing, medical editor, biology), government positions (administrative assistant, departmental clerical support, office management), and even becoming your own business owner or entrepreneur (administration, bookkeeping, web design and management, social media management, author's assistant).

Student Networking

The modern office is an ever-changing environment, and the Office Technology program reflects this constant change – with a strong emphasis on interaction with computers and the Internet, the skills you learn here will be as future-proof as today's technology allows. And through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, Columbia College offers students opportunities to gain hands-on experience, offered in our Cooperative Work Experience Education program. Be sure to ask about this individualized training program, designed to assist in growing and developing valuable job skills.

Degrees Offered

See the current college catalog (available on campus or online) for course information on the following degrees:

Associate in Science (AS)
Administrative Office Professional
Medical Office Specialist

Certificate of Achievement (COA)
Administrative Office Professional
Medical Office Specialist
Virtual Office Professional

Skills Attainment Certificate (SAC)
Medical Coding
Office Technician
Virtual Entrepreneur Technician

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