High Sierra Institute Accommodations High Sierra Institute Accommodations


Students lodge for free at the High Sierra Institute at Baker Station (HSI). Depending on the class size, they either have rooms to themselves or share a room in the Bunk House, which sleeps 32.


The Bunk House is heated. Students can also camp outside in their own tents in designated areas.

HSI’s Cook House contains a fully-functioning kitchen equipped with refrigerators, ovens, stoves, gas BBQ, cookware, plates, glasses, mugs, and utensils. Students bring their own food and either eat in the Cook House dining room, outside, or in the field. The water at HSI is potable.




The men’s and women’s bathroom buildings have hot showers. There are also full bathrooms in the Cook House and ADA-compliant cabin.

Classes are held in the field, outside at HSI, in the Social Hall, Truck Shed or in the Cook House dining room.






HSI’s electricity is provided by a generator, which is turned off at night. The generator provides electricity in the morning, evening, and sometimes during the day, depending on class needs.

Because of the wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, students should make sure to bring all of the required items on the HSI Packlist.

Click here for a printable packlist.

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